ARM (Accelerated Recruitment Method)

img | January 5, 2023


Furqon, an HR-PR Trainee at Bukit Vista with a degree in Human Resource Management from President University, brings fresh insights from his internship experience to innovate in recruitment and selection. His journey has fueled a passion for enhancing recruitment efficiency, playing a pivotal role in developing Bukit Vista’s Accelerated Recruitment Method (ARM), aiming to streamline the talent acquisition process.

You may find Furqon riding his bike and find new treats available nearby his home outside working hours.

Background of the Problem

Talents are crucial part in an organization, many dubbed it as the most important asset one organization must have. It is not hard to picture it. Just imagine if you’d like to run the organization, but you do not have peers to run it. Will it run by itself? Of course not! You need to recruit more talents to help you build your empire.
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However, doing recruitment is tricky sometimes. Why? Because recruiting requires the perfect balance between the speed to recruit and the quality of the candidate being recruited. These two usually do not come together. If we aim to recruit good candidates, we will need more time to carefully select the candidate and it will take a longer time to recruit. I have asked my peers and some of them said that on average they need time up until weeks and months to recruit a single candidate. But on another side, a good candidate is usually also being approached by another organization. So, if we do not recruit fast, we might lose the opportunity to get the best candidate. That is when every recruiter realizes that they have wasted so many resources for practically nothing.
To avoid this unwanted event, Bukit Vista has innovated a way to recruit fast yet still select the best candidate in the market. We called it the “Accelerated Recruitment Method” or the ARM

What is the ARM and How Does this Being Implemented?

The ARM is a new recruitment method to directly screen and the candidate via live phone calls and eliminate the process of staging the selection.
So, if we find a good candidate in the market, we will directly call the candidate and ask them to be prepared for the interview on the discord. Once they are in, Bukit Vista’s recruiter will then interview the candidate.
Furqon is waiting the candidate to come to discord for interview
If the candidate passes the interview, the recruiter will then invite the senior representative to evaluate the candidate ability in a more technical direction by asking them to show what they did / their portfolios.
If the candidate passes the test, then that is it! the candidate will directly being proceeded for the last selection stage which is the  4 days trial program.
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What are Benefits, Results, and Impacts of Implementing this Method?

The most significant impact that this project brings is the speed on acquiring the candidates. As one of Bukit Vista core values stated “don’t assume, use data”, we stated the comparison of the recruitment speed in between 3 weeks before the implementation of the ARM and 3 weeks afterward. As we can see, our recruitment process usually took 11 days to bring the candidate over to the trial program. But after this fast recruitment method is implemented, we are able to cut down 40% of the time. This also impacts to the average time to hire the candidate which down 300% from 41 days to only 11 days. This then results in we do not lose the candidates to other companies because we proceed the recruitment fast. Always remember, hiring good candidate is like a battlefield for recruiter. An early bird gets the worm.

What’s Next?

While Bukit Vista’s Accelerated Recruitment Method (ARM) has significantly improved our talent acquisition speed, we acknowledge the need for further refinement, particularly in establishing clear guidelines for its execution. The essence of ARM is to maintain a delicate balance between recruitment speed and candidate quality. With numerous stages in the recruitment process, including CV screening, interviewing, and assessment, these steps must be executed flawlessly to avoid compromising on candidate quality. Our commitment to optimizing ARM underscores our dedication to attracting only the best talent without sacrificing the integrity of our selection process.
That being said, we are wondering: can you help us to develop this project in a better direction? If you can, please apply to our job page as the Human Resource team and follow the process. Can’t wait to hear your wonderful ideas to develop this and other thousand exciting projects we have in Human Resource.

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