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img | April 10, 2021

Welcome to Bukit Vista

As an Business Development Specialist, you will contribute to the overall success of our property management startup by identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, utilizing advanced AI technologies to enhance your capabilities. Your primary focus will be on generating leads, building relationships, and closing deals with potential clients, with the added advantage of leveraging AI for data-driven insights and predictions. You will work closely with the Business Development Manager to execute strategies that align with our company’s goals and vision.


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What will you do:

  • Lead Generation:
    • Conduct market research, aided by AI algorithms, to identify potential clients and market trends.
    • Generate leads through various AI-powered tools, including online platforms, predictive analytics, networking events, and referrals.
    • Utilize data driven approaches to identify potential high-value clients and predict their behavior.
    • Collaborate with the marketing team to develop  targeted lead generation campaigns.
  • Client Relationship Management:
    • Build and maintain strong relationships with existing and potential clients, using insights from AI-driven tools to personalize interactions.
    • Conduct AI-assisted client meetings, presentations, and negotiations to understand their needs and propose suitable solutions.
    • Act as a trusted advisor to clients, leveraging AI insights to provide data-backed recommendations to enhance their property management strategies.
    • Address client inquiries, concerns, and escalations with AI-assisted support in a timely and professional manner.
    • Continuously follow up with clients using AI-driven predictive models to ensure their satisfaction and identify opportunities for upselling or cross-selling.
  • Sales and Deal Closure:
    • Develop and deliver compelling sales pitches and proposals with the support of AI-driven data analysis to potential clients.
    • Collaborate with the Business Development Manager to develop pricing strategies and negotiate contracts, with AI-powered pricing insights.
    • Prepare and present sales reports and forecasts generated with AI algorithms to the management team.
    • Track and manage the sales pipeline with AI-optimized automation, ensuring timely follow-ups and deal closures.
    • Meet or exceed sales targets with the aid of AI-enhanced predictive analytics, contributing to the overall revenue growth of the company.
  • Competitive Analysis:
    • Stay updated on industry trends, competitors’ activities, and market dynamics.
    • Conduct competitive analysis with AI-powered tools to identify unique selling points and market positioning opportunities.
    • Analyze market feedback and customer insights combined with AI analytics to refine sales strategies and value propositions.
    • Provide recommendations for product enhancements and new market opportunities.
  • Collaboration and Communication:
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including marketing, operations, and finance, to ensure a seamless client onboarding process.
    • Communicate effectively with internal stakeholders to align business development efforts with overall company objectives.
    • Participate in team meetings, share market insights generated by AI, and contribute to the development of sales strategies.
    • Represent the company in industry events, conferences, and networking opportunities with AI-powered insights into key attendees and industry trends.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing, or a related field.
  • Growth Mindset, Bias to Action, and Self-Learning Attributes
  • Strong knowledge of sales techniques, lead generation strategies, and customer relationship management, enhanced by AI proficiency.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build rapport with clients.
  • Results-oriented mindset with a track record of meeting or exceeding sales targets.
  • Analytical and strategic thinking abilities, with the capacity to identify and pursue business opportunities.
  • Strong negotiation and persuasion skills.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced startup environment.
  • Proficiency in CRM software and sales tools, with AI integration.
  • Flexibility to travel as needed.
  • You are expected to have executor leadership level in this role.


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