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The Bukit Vista Community Talk, or the BV C-Talk, is our very own talk show where we invite the industry’s top professionals to share their knowledge, passion, and stories in their various fields.
The topics we cover? From sustainable tourism to urban planning to financial management – it’s endless, really. So long as you’re willing, the sky’s the limit!

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BV E-Talk #16

Sustainable Community in Today’s World

In 2019 alone, Bali attracted around 6.3 million travelers to visit the Island. This is indeed an achievement for the tourism industry and local economy. But at the same time, this posed a risk for Bali: the issue of environment and sustainability. It is an urgency for travelers, locals, as well as property owners to restore Bali’s environment to its natural beauty like it was years ago.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We’re here to answer your questions.

The discussion topics usually vary depending on the services
offered by the company. But basically will discuss these

  • How did your company got started? What makes it different from
    other companies?
  • How does your work positively impact a villa owner in terms of
    value, relationship, and legacy?
  • What projects/products demonstrate your talent &
  • Who is the right type of client for your services?
  • How do you charge for your services?

Yes. If you feel that our discussion topics are not in accordance with the services you offer, please give us a recommendation for topics that we can discuss on the C-Talk.

Originally, we will use English. But we would like to make the C-Talk as comfortable as it can be, so if you are not comfortable talking in English please let us know your language preference.

Others follow best practices. We define them, together.

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