Mastering Property Management: Insights on Costs and Pricing

img Ferdian Bukitvista | November 16, 2023

Hello, I’m Ferdi, a data science intern at Bukit Vista, where I have the unique opportunity to blend my analytical skills with real-world business insights. Inspired by Jing Cho Yang, our CEO, I’m here to unpack the complex world of fixed and incremental costs in property management and explore how these factors influence pricing strategies in the hospitality industry.

The Dual Nature of Costs in Property Management

In the realm of property management, costs are bifurcated into fixed and incremental categories. Fixed costs, such as staff salaries and operational expenses like electricity for essential services, remain constant irrespective of guest numbers. In contrast, incremental costs are occupancy-dependent, varying with the number of guests. They include utilities like water and additional electricity usage, which, although minimal, incrementally rise with more guests.

Balancing Occupancy with Strategic Pricing

Occupancy rates are pivotal in cost management. High occupancy, a target for Bukit Vista, helps distribute fixed costs over a larger guest base, reducing per-guest expenses. However, the interplay between occupancy and pricing is complex and requires a strategic approach. By analyzing guest segments and their spending capacity at different times, we can tailor prices to maximize both occupancy and revenue.

Segment-based Approach to Pricing

Understanding the diverse price thresholds of various guest segments is crucial. For instance, the willingness to pay might differ significantly among guests from different regions or during different seasons. This knowledge enables dynamic pricing strategies, focusing on achieving maximum occupancy at optimal prices.

The Art of Pricing in Property Management

At Bukit Vista, pricing is not a set-it-and-forget-it affair. We regularly adjust our prices based on multiple variables, including booking pace, booking window tendencies, revenue collected, and historical pricing success. This dynamic approach allows us to be responsive to market trends and guest booking behaviors.

The Data-Driven Path to Optimal Pricing

The ultimate goal is to find a harmony between high occupancy and profitable pricing. This requires a nuanced understanding of market trends and guest preferences, guided by data analysis. Adjustments in pricing are made to either enhance occupancy at a lower price or to maintain a high price with slightly lower occupancy, depending on the effectiveness in reaching the targeted guest segments.

In the rapidly evolving world of digital hospitality, understanding property costs and mastering pricing strategies are key to success. If you’re a property owner or manager looking to optimize your operations and revenue, we invite you to explore our services. Partner with us and leverage our expertise in property management in Bali to elevate your property’s performance. Discover more about our services at Bukit Vista’s Services!

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