An Evening of Cultural Exchange and Collaborations

img Tanisma | October 12, 2023

On the evening of October 3rd, 2023, Round Table Talk unfolded at our base in Bali. The dinner gathering brought together a diverse group of individuals, with Abhishek, Surya, and Dade as the guest of honor, to share their unique stories, insights, and experiences.

Fusing Cultures: Abhishek’s Global Journey

Abhishek, an Indian native currently residing in Singapore, had journeyed to Bali for a brief retreat from the demands of remote work. His stay was not only a chance to rejuvenate his mind but also to savor the tranquil beauty of Bali. Amidst his remote work commitments, he took the opportunity to share some intriguing facets of his life, including his involvement with Food Panda, a flourishing startup based in Singapore. Abhishek’s presence at the table symbolized the international nature of such gatherings, where borders blur, and cultures merge.

Building Dreams Together: Surya and Dade’s Innovative Collaboration

The evening’s conversations also took an exciting turn when Surya, architect of Syafri the Vice President of Data Science at Gojek, villa project. Surya’s architectural prowess, characterized by its uniqueness and firm design, drew the interest of everyone present. The group was in awe of how architecture and data science could intersect, exemplified by the collaborative villa project.

Surya was accompanied by Dade, who was introduced as his invaluable collaborator. Dade owned a company specializing in comprehensive building services, including contracting. What made their partnership remarkable was the seamless synchronization of their professions. Surya’s imaginative designs found a perfect complement in Dade’s ability to bring architectural concepts to life. Together, they offered a holistic solution for clients who sought to transform their design ideas into tangible properties. The collaboration between Surya and Dade served as an example of how professionals from different fields could create magic when their skills and expertise were combined.

Exploring Cultural Vistas: Stories from Around the World

In addition to these enriching professional discussions, the evening provided a platform for exploring the cultural differences between Singapore, India, and Bali. Abhishek shared stories of his admiration for Bali, emphasizing the pristine beaches and the warm hospitality of the locals. The conversations allowed everyone to delve into the intricacies of culture, people, and the environment in these diverse regions.

The dinner was a testament to the power of shared experiences, connections, and cultural exchange. It transformed a simple dinner into a space for inspiration and networking. The event demonstrated the beauty of uniting individuals from diverse backgrounds, sparking conversations that transcended borders, both physical and cultural. It was a reminder that the most meaningful connections often arise from the convergence of diverse narratives, experiences, and dreams.

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