Innovating Delight: Bukit Vista’s Weekly Dive into Hospitality’s Heart

img Jey Bukitvista | November 9, 2023

Bali base team had a wonderful dinner with Pak Gusti and James

Here at Bukit Vista, our mission is more than a statement—it’s a living, breathing essence that permeates everything we do. Our quest? To inspire delight into every aspects of hospitality and, in the process, revolutionize the way we connect with our partners and guests. This week, we’ve embarked on a journey that’s all about conversation, innovation, and a whole lot of inspiration. So, let’s get the ball rolling on the stories that have made our week an exhilarating ride!

This week, we welcomed two extraordinary individuals to our Round Table Talk who are no strangers to the art of narrative and connection—James Bowen, a maestro of video direction with a heart tuned to Bali’s rhythm, and Pak Gusti Wira, manager and the dynamo behind Mango Sky Villa.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky with streaks of fire and gold, James shared his experiences of capturing the essence of Bali through his lens. Each frame he shoots tells a story, a story that resonates with the soul of this island and echoes the ethos of Bukit Vista—transformative and delightful.

Building Bonds Over the Airwaves

Our Bali Business Review (BBR) talk show, a platform where voices are heard and relationships are nurtured, featured none other than Pak Gusti Wira. As the manager of Mango Sky, he’s a man whose insights are as valuable as the serene views from Bali’s majestic clifftops. In a candid exchange, we dove deep into the heart of engagement, exploring the nuances of what it means to connect, not just as businesses, but as people with a shared vision.

Pak Gusti had conversation with Dinda

Pak Gusti had a thoughtful conversation with our Community Manager Intern, Dinda

Midway through the conversation, Pak Gusti, with the honesty, pointed out that our communication could use a little polish. It was a reminder that there’s always room to grow, to refine, to better our best. And at Bukit Vista, we take these golden nuggets of feedback as opportunities to elevate our game.

Pak Gusti’s feedback was not just a voice in the crowd; it was the beat to which we attuned our next steps. We learned that communication isn’t just about what we say, but how we say it and the understanding we foster. This revelation was not just a lesson but a launching pad for us to innovate, to rethink, and to re-engage with our mission with renewed vigor.

The Cinematic Journey Through James Bowen’s Eyes

James Bowen’s narrative transported us into the world of cinema, where every shot is a brushstroke on a canvas, every scene a verse in a poem. The meticulous craft of documentary filmmaking, as James illustrated, is akin to the care we take in curating guest experiences. It’s a delicate balance of storytelling, technical skill, and an intimate understanding of the subject—elements that are paramount in creating moments that resonate long after the guests have departed.

Jing and James shares stories about their experiences living in Bali

His experience in Bali, living amongst its people and landscapes, has been a saga of discovery and adaptation. It’s a testament to the island’s ability to shape dreams and redefine perspectives. For Bukit Vista, James’s insights were a reminder of our own journey. Each guest is a story, each stay a scene in the grand narrative of their lives, and we are the custodians of those moments.

Every interaction is an opportunity to weave a narrative, to create a setting where guests can live out their travel tales. We draw parallels between James’s cinematic adventures and our own mission to craft delightful experiences. Just as a filmmaker selects the perfect shot, we at Bukit Vista select the perfect elements to ensure our guests’ stories are nothing short of extraordinary.

Cultivating Growth with a Community Mindset

Our discussions with Pak Gusti and James Bowen culminated in an understanding that growth is a collective effort. It’s about nurturing relationships, whether with a local manager or an international filmmaker, to create a network of collaboration and mutual support. This community mindset extends to our partners, our guests, and the local Balinese culture, which we embrace and celebrate as the very essence of our hospitality ethos.

James showing his works on video making to Wayana and Jing

Conclusion: A Week of Learning and Aspiring

As we wrap up this week’s mission, we reflect on the insights gained and the conversations that sparked innovation. We stand inspired by the stories of our guests and partners, motivated by the feedback that drives us to improve, and enchanted by the culture that surrounds us. At Bukit Vista, we remain committed to our mission of inspiring delight, and we eagerly anticipate the new adventures that await us in the weeks to come.

This journey, chronicled in the warm, inviting voice of Bukit Vista, is not just a weekly recap but an invitation. An invitation to our partners, guests, and readers to join us in this continuous odyssey of innovation, delight, and transformative hospitality.

As we continue to innovate and inspire, we invite you to be a part of our story, visit our page and share your thoughts, your visions, and your voice with us, as we together shape the future of hospitality. Join the conversation, because at Bukit Vista, every voice matters and every story counts.

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