Navigating Long-Term Partnerships, Diverse Investments, and Financial Wisdom

img Tanisma | December 9, 2023

Hello, I’m Alna from the Business Development team, and I’m excited to share the highlights from our recent Round Table Talk, where Bukit Vista’s current partners engaged in a rich discussion about their experiences and insights. The event offered a glimpse into the dynamics of long-term partnerships, diverse investments, financial management, and even the delightful topic of Durian in Medan.

Long-Term Partnerships

Bukit Vista’s commitment to fostering enduring partnerships was evident as we heard from Eka and Kadek, owners of Kubu Nyang Nyang, who have been collaborating with Bukit Vista since 2016, marking a successful 7-year partnership. Similarly, Dian, owner of Asri Village, shared her journey of a 3-year partnership that began during the challenging times of the pandemic. Transparency emerged as a key factor in ensuring the smooth operation of these collaborations.

Investment and Business Wisdom

The discussion shifted to the realm of investments and business strategies. Eka and Kadek, not only adept in managing villas but also successful restaurateurs, emphasized the importance of quality through attentive listening to feedback and continuous improvement. Meanwhile, Agus inspired us with his venture into luxury motorbike rental, turning his passion for biking into a lucrative investment. His clear communication and firm expectations with clients served as an inspiring model for us all.

Pak Agus’s journey into property investment, triggered by his wife’s influence, added another layer to the conversation. The diversification of Aini’s focus from long-term rental to daily rental business showcased a strategic adaptation to market trends. The success of Bukit Vista Fullboard service, tailored to meet client pain points, further garnered interest from partners like Kubu Nyang Nyang and Asri Village.

Financial Management Strategies

The participants emphasized the importance of financial stability and maintaining a balanced approach to capital. The discussion touched upon the normalcy of taking loans for investment, provided that timely repayment is assured. The reluctance of some individuals to use loans for business endeavors was highlighted as a risky approach in the face of uncertainty.

Durian Delights in Medan

Bu Aini brought a flavorful twist to the discussion by sharing insights into the world of durians from her hometown, Medan. Drawing comparisons between Medan and Bali, she revealed the significant difference in prices, with Medan offering larger durians at a fraction of the cost. The discussion extended to premium varieties like Musang King and the extravagantly priced Durian Black Thorn.

The Round Table Talk proved to be a melting pot of experiences, insights, and diverse perspectives. From the nuances of long-term partnerships to the intricacies of financial management and the unexpected delights of regional durian disparities, the event offered a comprehensive view of the multifaceted world of business. As we move forward, the lessons shared by our partners will undoubtedly guide us in navigating the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship.

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