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I Made Ganes Arta Nugraha

Content Creator (Part Time)

Hi, I'm Ganes!

Joined 2023


Coming from Bali, I create engaging and persuasive content to market our vacation rental properties and develop property descriptions, compelling headlines, and visually appealing multimedia content

I capture high-quality photos and videos that showcase the beauty, ambiance, and amenities of our properties in Bali. Utilizing my creativity and technical skills to capture stunning visuals that evoke the essence of Bali and create an emotional connection with potential guests.

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  • 2023 • Content Creator Part-time

    Within the sphere of online content, the creator’s duty lies in crafting captivating visuals and engaging prose, all aimed at inspiring and informing. Innovative videos beckon new viewers while meticulous experimentation guides them towards the most effective content styles.

    As Content Creator Part-time , I have some task and responsibility, to mention a few:
    • Creating beautiful architectural and aspirational photo & written content for our various online platforms, social media otlets, blogs.
    • Producing new & innovative videos & photos to attract new audiences.
    • Running experiments to determine the most efficient & effective content forms
    • Optimize conversion of inquiries to bookings via informative and helpful content.

  • 2022 • Digital Marketing Intern

    In the realm of digital marketing, responsibilities include refining existing channels, collaborating on purposeful campaigns with the Business Development team, crafting engaging copy for digital communication, optimizing social media platforms, and employing data analysis to drive ongoing improvements in the dynamic digital landscape.

    As Digital Marketing Intern, I have some task and responsibility, to mention a few:
    • Optimizing Bukit Vista existing digital marketing channels and analyze digital data to draw key recommendations around each campaign activity.
    • Create a purposeful and beneficial marketing campaigns in a collaboration with Business Development team.
    • Prepare copywriting contents as the way to communicate and spread awareness digitally.
    • Optimizing company’s social media channels.
    • Analyze the digital data for further improvements.

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