3+ Tips To Create The Best Guest Experience for Remote Working from Armadillo Canggu Guesthouse

img | April 30, 2022
Canggu guesthouse with complete facilities and services based on guest's needs is helpful to improve the guest experience
Complete facilities and services based on guest's needs is helpful to improve the guest experience

In order to provide the best guest experience in your Canggu guesthouse, we as owners must provide complete facilities and services according to guest needs. This is the strategy of Pak Bagi, the owner of Armadillo Guesthouse Canggu, also one of the Bukit Vista partners in running his accommodation business. 

Pak Bagi is aware that the comfort of guests while staying at their property plays an important role in the reputation of their guesthouse, especially for remote workers. During this pandemic, many workers have come to Bali. This is also caused by the Work From Bali program launched by the government.

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Why would remote workers come to Bali?

As a property owner in Bali, you should be looking for ways to attract guests who will appreciate the unique benefits of living and working in Bali. One of the main reasons why remote workers are attracted to Bali is the Bali remote work visa program. This program provides a great opportunity for digital nomads to stay in Bali for up to 6 months while working remotely. It has become increasingly popular in recent years, a significant increase in interest from remote workers who want to experience the Bali lifestyle while still being able to work.

In addition to the Bali remote work visa program, Bali’s tropical climate is another major draw for remote workers. The warm weather and sunshine year-round make Bali an ideal place to work from, particularly for those who want to escape colder weather in other parts of the world. The island’s stunning scenery and natural beauty provide the perfect backdrop for remote work, and we’ve seen many guests who have found inspiration and motivation while working from their properties in Bali.

Another key benefit of Bali is its affordable cost of living. Bali is known for its affordable housing, food, and transportation options, which makes it an attractive destination for remote workers who want to save money while still enjoying a high quality of life. As a property manager, we’ve found that highlighting the cost-saving benefits of living in Bali has been an effective way to attract guests who are budget-conscious but still want to enjoy a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

Also, Bali’s unique culture and travel opportunities make it an ideal place for remote workers who want to explore new places and have new experiences while still being able to work. With stunning temples, natural attractions, and cultural experiences, Bali offers a unique and enriching experience for remote workers who want to balance work and leisure. Highlighting these travel opportunities has been a great way to attract guests who want to experience all that Bali has to offer.

Since the establishment of Armadillo Guesthouse Canggu in 2019, Bagi has provided various complete facilities that support the needs of its guests, both for remote workers and families. Here are some ideas from Armadillo Guest House Canggu that you can copy to improve your guest experience for remote workers and families.

Providing Green Space

Canggu guesthouse with Green spaces helps bring positive impact to remote worker guest
Green spaces helps bring positive impact to remote worker guest

Providing green space in a guesthouse can be a game-changer for both remote workers and owners. For remote workers, green space offers a great opportunity to work in a peaceful and relaxing environment, surrounded by nature. In such an environment, they can increase their productivity and creativity levels by taking a break from their busy schedules and focusing on their work in a calming atmosphere.

The owners of the guesthouse can also benefit from providing green space as it sets them apart from the competition and gives them an edge in attracting guests who value the importance of mental and physical health. Having green space in the guesthouse can potentially lead to positive reviews and referrals from satisfied guests who have enjoyed the tranquility of the environment during their stay. Also, providing green space in a guesthouse can be a win-win situation for both guests and owners alike.

Green environments have a positive effect on a variety of cognitive functions, including attention, memory, and creativity. This was already proven by a study published in the journal New Scientist: “Green spaces aren’t just for nature; they promote our mental health, too.”

Unlike most other properties which are full of buildings, Pak Bagi provides green space in his canggu guesthouse. This green space is surrounded by plants and green trees which are enough to relieve the hot Bali sun and make the guests feel relaxed. 

Although the green space is not so wide, it is enough to do various activities. For workers, they can lean under the tree while finishing their work, or relax for a moment from the hectic work. This green space can also be used by family guests to do various activities, such as picnics, yoga, sports, or playing with children under the sunny Bali sky.

Complete Facility

Canggu guesthouse with complete facilities to help guest fulfill their needs during stay
Provides complete facilities to help guest fulfill their needs during stay

In the Armadillo Guesthouse Canggu, the guests can find a variety of complete facilities that are very useful for them. For remote workers, Pak Bagi provides a work desk in each room. A fast-speed WIFI is also available to support the work performance of the workers.

Fast-speed WIFI is essential for remote workers because it allows them to connect to their work and collaborate with colleagues in real time without interruptions. With this facilities, remote workers can easily upload and download large files, participate in video calls, and access online tools and resources they need to do their job efficiently. This is especially important for those who work in digital or tech-related fields where a stable and fast internet connection is critical to their work performance. 

In the guesthouse, guests can find a shared kitchen and swimming pool. The available shared kitchen has complete equipment to assist guests in fulfilling their daily needs. While at the swimming pool, Pak Bagi provides a giant white swan float pool in his Canggu guesthouse. This giant white swan float pool at the swimming pool is provided to add to the attractiveness of the guesthouse. But it is also useful for guests who love being in the pool and enjoying the sunny Bali sky. 

Quiet Location

Canggu guetshouse with quite environment gives a peace and calm athmospere for guest
Quite environment gives a peace and calm athmospere for guest

quiet location for a guesthouse is beneficial for remote workers because they need a peaceful environment to focus and be productive while working. Working from home has become the new norm, and people are now more inclined to travel and work remotely. Having a peaceful and quiet environment is an essential factor for remote workers when choosing accommodation. They can work with a clear mind and achieve their goals without worrying about any external disturbances.

On the other hand, the quiet location of Armadillo Guesthouse also benefits the owners. As a business owner, having a peaceful and quiet environment means that they can focus on the operational side of the business. They can work without distractions and provide better services to the guests. A peaceful environment can also lead to happy guests, positive reviews, and repeat business.

Moreover, a quiet location can be an excellent selling point for potential guests who are looking for a relaxing and comfortable stay. When guests choose a guesthouse, they are looking for a place where they can unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The peaceful surroundings at Armadillo Guesthouse can provide guests with a sense of calmness, relaxation, and rejuvenation, creating a positive experience for them.

Close to Attraction Sites

Canggu guesthouse with strategic location that close to tourist sites is a must for guest.
Strategic location that close to tourist sites is a must for guest. Photo by Jess Loiterton dari Pexels

Even though it’s located in a quiet environment, the location of his canggu guesthouse is still in a strategic area of Canggu and close to tourist attractions. 5 minutes from Armadillo Guesthouse Canggu, guests can walk to Echo Beach, La Brisa Bali, Sand Bar, and many more attraction sites in Canggu to enjoy the sunset. 

In the midst of their busy lives, guests can visit nearby tourist attractions to just relax or find some entertainment. A very strategic location will certainly benefit guests. This can also be one of your advantages in attracting guests to stay at your property.

Things to consider

When choosing a guesthouse for remote work, there are several factors that remote workers need to consider. One important factor to consider is the time zone. It is crucial to make sure that the time zone aligns with the working hours to ensure that remote workers can work without any interruption. This will help in achieving productivity and meeting deadlines.

Another factor to consider is the availability of reliable internet connectivity. As remote workers need to work online, it is essential to ensure that the guesthouse has a stable and fast internet connection. This will help remote workers to work without any hindrance and avoid any delays in submitting their work.

In addition to these factors, remote workers should also consider other criteria for renting a guesthouse such as the availability of a quiet workspace, comfortable living conditions, and proximity to essential amenities. Furthermore, remote workers can also look for networking opportunities to make social connections with other digital nomads or remote workers. This can help them in building their professional network and find potential job opportunities.

Additionally, remote workers can search for communities or groups online to find people from their home country, which can help in overcoming homesickness and creating a sense of belonging. Engaging in social activities, exploring local attractions, and participating in cultural events can also help remote workers in connecting with the local community and make new friends.


The most essential facility for remote workers is the fast-speed WiFi. If you read this article and you’re a remote worker we have some properties that suit your need for fast-speed WiFi. You can check it out here.

In giving the best guest experience, we must ensure that all services and facilities we provide are based on what guests need. Without good property management, it will be difficult for your property to attract guests.

In the midst of his busy schedule, Pak Bagi partnership with Bukit Vista Property Management to market his property in order to remain competitive in the market. Bukit Vista provides various services that can assist owners in managing their properties. Learn more about our villa management services, and tell us how we can help you achieve your goals.

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