The Future of Property Technology: Take a Look at Bukit Vista Transforms Modern Living

img Dea BukitVista | March 31, 2024

Recently, the term “digital transformation” has become more than just a buzzword; the real estate industry stands on the cusp of a revolution, powered by property technology, or PropTech. This shift is also reflected in Bukit Vista‘s endeavors. In our recent collaboration with the Center for Digital Society (CFDS) at Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), we shared insights into the technological advancements we have implemented in property management.

This collaboration culminated in Bukit Vista’s featured participation in the 10th series of the Decision talk show on March 21, 2024, a platform dedicated to unveiling the intricacies of digital innovation across various sectors. As a Public Relations Intern, I, Dea Novita, am eager to delve into some of the key takeaways and learning moments that underscored our engagement. Our participation highlighted the essence of collaboration, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in harnessing technology to redefine the parameters of property management and hospitality services.

The session kicked off with an introduction from Carmelia Gaby Talia, warmly greeting the audience with a blend of cultural salutations, setting the tone for an inclusive and enlightening discussion. The focus of this particular episode was on Bukit Vista, a leading PropTech company that exemplifies the integration of digital technology in property management, marketing, and services. With over 100 properties managed in Bali and Yogyakarta and nearly 56,000 guests accommodated, Bukit Vista’s story reflects the impact of digitalization on the real estate landscape.

An Introduction by Furqon Jamil

Furqon Jamil,  Vice President of Employee Experience and Culture in training at Bukit Vista, showcased Bukit Vista’s digital prowess through its BVGO app, which represents a paradigm shift in property management, offering real-time insights and operational efficiency unheard of in the traditional realms of real estate.

The company’s approach, emphasizing hospitality management as a service, underlines a cost-effective model that benefits property owners and enhances guest experiences without the hefty price tag of traditional property management solutions.

Bukit Vista's Journey

Empowering Innovation Through Talent Development: An Insight from Furqon Jamil

The talk further delved into the broader implications of PropTech, with insights from Muhammad Furqon Jamil. Jamil’s journey from an intern to a leadership role exemplifies the company’s commitment to talent development and innovation. His presentation highlighted the foundational aspects of Bukit Vista’s success, including the strategic recruitment of a diverse team focused on engineering, operations, and marketing to drive growth and efficiency through technology.

Furqon's Journey

AI: A Tool that Transforms Modern Living

A significant part of the discussion centered around the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in redefining property marketing and management. Bukit Vista utilizes AI to optimize property listings on platforms like Airbnb, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement. This innovative use of technology extends to GAIA, an AI-based internal assistant that revolutionizes guest communication and operational tasks, showcasing the potential of AI in enhancing customer service and operational efficiency.

AI Product from Bukit Vista
Bukit Vista's AI: GAIA on Apollo Project

GAIA embodies the company’s innovative approach to enhancing operational efficiency and guest experiences through technology. This AI assistant showcases the practical application of AI in automating and optimizing various aspects of property management and customer service.

  1. Automated Guest Communication: GAIA is primarily designed to automate communication with guests, offering timely and accurate responses to their inquiries. This automation not only improves the efficiency of handling guest queries but also ensures that the guest experience is seamless and personalized.
  2. Operational Efficiency: By automating routine tasks, GAIA significantly reduces the workload on human staff, allowing them to focus on more complex and value-added activities. This shift towards automation helps streamline operations and improve the overall service quality offered to guests.

  3. Learning and Adaptation: GAIA is not just a static AI; it’s built to learn from interactions and improve over time. This ability to adapt and evolve makes Gaya a powerful tool for understanding guest preferences and enhancing the personalization of services.

The Use of AI in Bukit Vista

Furqon shared a compelling example of Gaya’s application in addressing a guest’s inquiry about breakfast inclusion in their booking. Traditionally, such queries would require human intervention, where a staff member would need to manually check the booking details and respond to the guest. However, with Gaya, this process is automated. The AI can swiftly retrieve booking information, understand the specific query about breakfast inclusion, and provide a clear, concise response to the guest directly. 

Bukit Vista’s Cybersecurity Strategy in Securing the Digital Frontier

As the digital landscape evolves, Bukit Vista’s approach to cybersecurity and the management of large-scale property data was also scrutinized. The company’s proactive stance on integrating cybersecurity measures and prioritizing the protection of digital assets was emphasized as crucial in the age of increasing cyber threats.

The talkshow did not just highlight the successes and innovations of Bukit Vista but also posed critical questions about the future of PropTech in addressing urban challenges, regulatory frameworks, and the digital divide. These discussions underscored the importance of continuous learning, adaptation, and the strategic use of technology to overcome traditional barriers and unlock new opportunities in the real estate sector.

Discussion on Cyber Security


In wrapping up, the session reiterated the importance of PropTech in transforming the real estate industry by improving efficiency, enhancing customer experiences, and driving sustainable growth. Bukit Vista’s journey from a small startup to a PropTech leader exemplifies the transformative power of digital innovation in modern living. As the digital horizon expands, the future of property technology promises a new era of opportunities, challenges, and innovations that will redefine our interaction with real estate in the digital age.

As we continue to redefine modern living through digital innovation, we invite you to become our partner.  Join us now and unlock a new era of opportunities, challenges, and innovations. Become a partner with Bukit Vista, and let’s shape the future of real estate together.

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