Data-Driven Journeys: Unveiling My Life as a Business Data Scientist Intern at Bukit Vista

img reza bukitvista | November 30, 2023

Nestled in the dynamic world of property management, Bukit Vista stands as a beacon of innovation and strategic foresight. My name is Reza, and as a business data scientist intern at this pioneering company, I have been afforded a unique opportunity to delve deep into the realm of revenue projections and data-driven decision-making. In this article, I will take you through my journey at Bukit Vista, unveiling the intricate tapestry of analytics, principles, and AI that underscore the company’s success. Join me as I share insights and experiences from my role, where data isn’t just numbers, but the language of potential and progress.

Revenue Projection – The Core of Decision-Making

At Bukit Vista, revenue projection is not just about numbers; it’s an art that harmonizes qualitative and quantitative insights. Imagine a typical scenario where a client approaches us, seeking insights into their property’s future performance. The task at hand is not just to provide numbers, but to tell a story of what their property could achieve under our management. This process begins with a deep dive into the specific needs and goals of our client, setting the stage for a tailored revenue projection.

Here, I engage in a comprehensive analysis using 5 distinct projection models:

  1. Business Plan – Business Package: Designed for property owners collaborating with Bukit Vista, providing a detailed one-year revenue forecast.
  2. Business Plan – Full Board Package: An enhanced plan offering detailed revenue and expense projections for fully managed properties.
  3. Business Enhancement Plans: Targeted at optimizing existing partnerships by identifying growth opportunities.
  4. Property Appraisal: Essential for investment decisions, assessing potential returns and long-term value.
  5. Investment Strategy: Evaluating a land’s potential for a successful property rental business, balancing opportunities and threats.

Our approach to revenue projection at Bukit Vista is grounded in five key strategies, focusing on collaborative success with property owners:

  1. Guest Experience Management: We prioritize delivering exceptional 5-star guest experiences, ensuring every aspect, from cleanliness to communication, is top-notch.
  2. Property Attributes Evaluation: Our professional evaluation service assesses the design, location, and market fit of properties, optimizing them for maximum appeal.
  3. Ranking Focus: Achieving higher search rankings is crucial. We concentrate on enhancing rankings through positive guest reviews and increased bookings, driving profitability.
  4. Owner Relationship Management: A strong relationship with property owners is essential. Using our Owner Relationship Questions (ORQ) framework, we foster effective collaborations for mutual success.
  5. Staff Quality Emphasis: The quality of staff significantly impacts the guest experience. We focus on having welcoming and attentive staff to create positive guest experiences and favorable reviews.

These principles ensure our projections are robust, reliable, and relevant, guiding our analytical processes to deliver insightful and actionable data.

Dynamic Pricing – A Data-Driven Approach

In my first two months at Bukit Vista, dynamic pricing became my weekly canvas, where I blended the precision of a scientist with the creativity of an artist. Each week brought new set of properties, each demanding a unique pricing strategy intricately woven from various data threads.

Utilizing ATLAS (Advanced Technology for Listings Analysis and Strategy), our sophisticated machine learning tool, I navigated the complex variables of each property’s booking patterns, average daily rates (ADR), occupancy rates, and lengths of stay. ATLAS, more than just a data analysis tool, acted as a predictive guide, dynamically adjusting prices in real-time to ensure our properties remained competitive in the bustling market.

ATLAS (Advance Technology for Listing Analysis and Strategy)

My weekly routine involved a deep dive into the data landscape of each property. For example, analyzing a villa’s peak booking trends in summer or a cabin’s winter allure set the stage for our initial pricing strategies. This step was harmoniously blended with ADR historical data and fine-tuned to current market trends to strike the right pricing note.

The occupancy and length of stay data added another layer to this melody, helping shape a pricing harmony that resonated with guest preferences and booking behaviors. Whether capitalizing on high occupancy with longer stays or adapting to varied stay lengths, the strategy was always fine-tuned to the property’s unique narrative.

Crucial to this process was ATLAS’s integration with platforms like beds24 and Airbnb, which allowed for seamless booking management and real-time pricing updates. The tool’s automation and predictive capabilities, powered by advanced machine learning models, ensured our pricing strategies were grounded in data and proactive and adaptable to market changes.

In these initial two months, my weekly engagements with dynamic pricing and ATLAS taught me the art of harmonizing data into actionable strategies, ensuring each property we managed was optimally positioned to maximize its revenue potential in the ever-changing rental market.

Tool Development and Technological Advancements

At Bukit Vista, innovation drives our approach to tool development. I’ve been part of a team working on advanced mapping tools that act as navigational aids, revealing the unique features and potential of each property.

A significant breakthrough has been in automating revenue projections. We’ve harnessed GAIA, our in-house AI, to streamline this process. By integrating data analytics with AI, GAIA assists in collating and pushing data automatically into our revenue projection documents. This innovation marks a shift towards not only more efficient but also more scalable revenue forecasting.

Our aim is ambitious: to automate the creation of numerous revenue projections swiftly and accurately. This advancement in automation is set to transform the landscape of property management, enabling quick, data-driven decision-making for our clients.

Through these efforts, we’re not just creating tools; we’re shaping the future of property management, where AI and data analytics merge to set new industry standards.

Embracing AI for Enhanced Performance


In this final chapter, AI is our ally, our co-navigator. From Gaia, our in-house AI, to cutting-edge technologies like GPT-4 and Midjourney, we harness the power of artificial intelligence to delve deeper into the realm of data. It’s like having a wise sage by our side, offering insights that are profound and transformative, shaping the way we understand and interact with the world of property management.

As my day at Bukit Vista comes to a close, I reflect on the stories told, the insights gained, and the strategies developed. This journey as a business data scientist intern is more than an experience; it’s a foray into a world where data narrates tales of potential, growth, and success. It’s a role that fuses analytical acumen with creative storytelling, contributing to the visionary goals of Bukit Vista.

Let’s make an impact together by being a part of Bukit Vista.

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