Employee Benefits

Career Development

Agile & Flexible

We embody agility and adaptability, constantly learning, analyzing, and reacting to optimize effectiveness.


With a team of 50+, managing 110+ properties & 3000+ guests a month. You will learn to be efficient.

Learning & Innovation

 We actively engage with world-class startups and technology companies, seek insights from seasoned mentors, and fearlessly make informed decisions, always ready to take calculated chances.


 We swiftly offer feedback, take decisive action, and consistently develop. This rapid cycle ensures you gain invaluable experience in a shorter timeframe.

Skills Development

3 Major skill set

We emphasize a growth mindset, self-driven learning, and a bias toward action. fostering continuous development.


In our leadership chapter, we prioritize  leadership development for innovation and growth.

Open Meetings

Our open meetings foster learning from one another and welcome valuable feedback from all.

Inspirational Speakers

We invite inspirational speakers at our weely all-hands meeting to share their wisdom, stories, and insights.

Learning Stack

 You can get access to online learning platforms such as LinkedIn Learning MasterClass, Clickminded and

1-on-1 Mentoring

We provide tailored guidance and support to help new members integrate smoothly into our  organization.

AI User Group

Our AI User Group at aiusergroup.com allows for hands-on workshops and expert talks on generative AI tools.

Startup Masterclass

our Startup Masterclass allows you to  connect with industry professionals.

Lifestyle Benefits

  • Working Hours
    • Flexible location. We allow our employees to work remotely.
    • Flexible timing. You are entitled to 1 paid day-off a week. Any day.
  • Compensation
    • Through compensation planning, we clearly lay out what you, as an employee can achieve and what it will take to make it happen.
  • Bonus
    • Financial compensation which is rewarded by the company as an incentive for good performance.
  • Promotions
    • Transforming our employee to a new position that commands higher position in the company. It is a vertical move in terms of career stage.

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