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Welcome to Bukit Vista

At Bukit Vista, we’re passionate about transforming the hospitality landscape through innovation, data-driven decisions, and delightful guest experiences. Our mission to ‘Inspire Delight’ in every stakeholder we engage with—be it guests, property partners, or our employees—is what sets us apart. In our journey of growth and exploration, we’re looking for a talented Journalist to join our team. This role is pivotal in capturing and disseminating the wealth of knowledge and vibrant happenings within our company. Through compelling storytelling, the Journalist will keep the spirit of innovation and collaboration alive and visible to all stakeholders, fostering a culture of continuous learning and openness.


What will you do

As a Journalist at Bukit Vista, your responsibilities will span across various Leadership Attributes, reflecting the multifaceted nature of your role:

  • Visionary (career promotion opportunity):
    • Envision and implement a dynamic content strategy that aligns with Bukit Vista’s goals, ensuring that knowledge and events within the company are captured in a manner that inspires and educates both internal and external audiences.
  • Upper Management (career promotion opportunity):
    • Collaborate with different departments to identify content opportunities that highlight company innovations, employee achievements, guest experiences, and partnership successes.
  • Sub Management (career promotion opportunity):
    • Coordinate with the events team and department heads to stay informed about upcoming meetups, workshops, and other significant happenings within Bukit Vista.
  • Knowledge Management (advised, not mandatory):
    • Maintain and update an internal knowledge repository with the latest research findings, operational insights, and best practices discovered within the company.
  • Strategist (advised, not mandatory):
    • Develop a content calendar that strategically schedules the release of blog posts and articles to maximize reach and engagement.
  • Executor (mandatory):
    • Write, edit, and publish engaging blog posts and articles that accurately reflect the innovations, events, and culture within Bukit Vista.
    • Ensure all content is on-brand, consistent in terms of style, quality, and tone of voice, and optimized for search and user experience across all channels.


The ideal candidate for the Journalist role at Bukit Vista will possess the following qualifications:

  • Growth Mindset: Demonstrates a keen ability to learn and adapt to new challenges and environments, with a strong inclination towards self-improvement and professional development.
  • Bias to Action: Exhibits a proactive attitude, taking initiative to capture stories, conduct interviews, and engage with team members across the organization without waiting for directives.
  • Proficiency in AI-powered Tools: Skilled in leveraging AI and digital tools for content creation, editing, and publishing, ensuring efficiency and innovation in content delivery.
  • Excellent Writing and Communication Skills: Exceptional ability in crafting compelling narratives, with a strong grasp of grammar, punctuation, and style.
  • Team Collaboration: Able to work seamlessly with teams across the company, understanding the importance of synergy in capturing the essence of Bukit Vista’s culture and operations.
  • Educational Background: A degree in Journalism, Communications, English, or related field, supplemented by experience in journalism, blogging, or content creation.
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