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Press Release: Strategizing Hospitality Innovation with Technology and Data

Today, we get to publish another press release about our recent event and this time is a collaboration with DIKE UGM. We end our June with this fun webinar and ready to set another exciting and inspiring events from Bukit Vista to fellow university students. How do we strategize hospitality innovation with technology and data? Kak Vidiskiu Fortino as our Senior Data Scientist and Kak Bella...

Press Release: Being Creative to Build a Good Branding

Building a brand is challenging for most people, one of the category for 'people' is business owners. How can a business owner build and expand their brand to be known by the world? As a collaboration between Bukit Vista and BEM FIB UNDIP, last Saturday a workshop for future entrepreneurs from Diponegoro University students was held. Gunung Ghania, our Vice Chapter Lead and Jesslyn...

Formulating a Professional Vision in a Borderless World

On the end of May 2022, Bukit Vista had an opportunity to give inspirations to students from MM UGM as a collaboration event between BV and CNC MM UGM. Mr. Jing Cho Yang, CEO of Bukit Vista also as the speaker for this Saturday night webinar talked about vision findings and CEO perspective at work. He starts the discussion by asking:Why do we need a professional vision?Mr. Jing shared the importance...

Press Release CDC UI Industry Talk June 1st, 2022: Transforming Indonesian Hospitality – One Innovation at a Time

Last month, Bukit Vista had the opportunity to collaborate with Career Development Center (CDC) Universitas Indonesia and get to hold a webinar on June 1st, 2022. The presentation session first opened by Mr. Bayu Stiawan, as our CTO. Mr. Bayu gives us insights about hospitality industry from technology perspective, from how technology has evolved in hospitality until the strategy to innovate and scale...

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