Breeze Hidden Village & Dream Breeze Village

img Syelynn | November 10, 2021

Here in Bukit Vista, we believe in the power of inspiring delight, to help property owners transform. One of the best cases that we have is Dream Breeze Village and Breeze Hidden Village. The owners of both guesthouses are family. Dream Breeze Village owner, Bli Nyoman Sugiarta is the oldest brother of Breeze Hidden Village, Bli Nyoman Budiarta who join as a Bukit Vista’s partner in 2018.

Breeze Hidden Village is located at Uluwatu, only 1.1 km from Nunggalan Beach and 2 km from Nyang Nyang Beach. It offers a spacious garden and breeze atmosphere, where every room is occupied with a balcony with a garden view. Yet, Bli Nyoman Budiarta doesn’t have any knowledge and experience about hospitality at first, so he don’t know how to give service to the guest. That’s why he decided to join Bukit Vista after getting a recommendation from Uluwatu Village House’s owner, Bli Wayan Sri.

When he first joins Bukit Vista, Breeze Hidden Village only has 4 rooms. Two weeks after he becomes Bukit Vista’s partner, the guesthouse starts getting a booking and the occupation is increasing a lot. Most of the guests are satisfied with the services they got. This makes Bli Nyoman Budiarta decide to build new two wooden bungalows. And after one year, the revenue is managed to grow by 710%

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Looking at his brother’s success, Bli Nyoman Sugiarta sees an opportunity to get passive income from property rental. Thus, Bli Nyoman Sugiarta decided to build a new property, Dream Breeze Village in Pecatu. Bli Nyoman Sugiarta entrusts Bukit Vista to manage his property too, and as a result, he went through the same transformation as his brother. Within a year, the booking earned is increasing more than 500%. 

Not only the owner, but the guests in both guesthouses also feel delighted to stay at Breeze Hidden Village and Dream Breeze Village. Both Bli Nyoman Budiarta and Bli Nyoman Sugiarta love to share their culture with the guest and sometimes Bli Nyoman Sugiarta bring our guest to the school for learning with the student, as he was a headmaster in an elementary school in Uluwatu. Bli Budiarta sometimes also prepare the food for his guest by request and most of the guest like the food he serves.

Until now, the transformation is still continuing, with their youngest brother and sister building another property, Wooden Puri and Asri Village because of the transformation their brothers went through. Bukit Vista is truly more than happy to help them have this transformation.

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