Uluwatu Village House

img Nadia bukitvista | November 4, 2021

It was starting in 2016 with a two, basic house. I Wayan Sri Putra Yasa, or usually goes by the name Bli Wayan Sri, was starting his property business, hoping that this could have a big potential in the future. That’s when Bukit Vista came in and decided to help Bli Wayan Sri make his dream come true.
Uluwatu Village House offers a unique Balinese experience with its iconic Balinese Bungalow. Once you step into the bungalow, you will a very homey vibes, feeling that you are really living with locals. On top of that, Bli Wayan Sri is living next to your door, ready to welcome you to the real Balinese experience. But of course, Bli Wayan Sri doesn’t come right away to this point. Before these bungalows, there are only two basic houses. It has no hot water and no sharing kitchen. And after one and a half years together with Bukit Vista, Bli Wayan Sri saw a great potential to expand and want to build a new room. 

With Bukit Vista’s help, Bli Wayan Sri finally built a unique new building to add more selling points. He uses the concept of ‘lumbung’ or barn, something that is very unique and still rarely seen on properties in Bali at that time. This concept quickly sells, lots of people are interested to have their days spent here. Every guest that stays in Uluwatu Village House feels delighted.

In the end, Bli Wayan Sri is able to transform his property. From two basic houses into five barns, complete with its pool and sharing kitchen. If you want to experience the same transformation with Bli Wayan Sri, you can click here to claim a free consultation with our expert!

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