Building Bali: A Global Round Table Talk on Investment and Culture

img Erica Bukit Vista | November 16, 2023

I’m Erica from Bukit Vista, and tonight we had some interesting guests who made an exceptional combination at the round dining table in Bukit Vista that I would be delighted to share with you. The Round Table Talk program brought together a diverse group of individuals, each contributing a unique perspective to the discussion. The event featured Nacho, a Spanish designer with a sustainable concept villa in Bingin, David and Suzzane, new partners with a newly acquired villa in Bingin, Carlos, a renowned Spanish Artist based in Bali, and Liza, an Indonesian living in LA planning to invest in Bali.

The evening was not only delightful but also informative, shedding light on various aspects of business development in Bali, particularly in the realms of property investment and management.

Bali Investment Property: A Growing Trend

The conversation naturally gravitated towards Bali’s allure as an investment destination. David and Suzzane, the new partners, highlighted their recent investment in a villa in Bingin. This move reflects the growing trend of foreigners choosing Bali as a prime location for property investment. The island’s unique blend of culture, natural beauty, and a thriving tourism industry makes it an attractive choice for those seeking returns on their investments.

Insights from Indra: Managing Villas in Bali

Indra, a seasoned hospitality consultant, provided valuable insights into how Bukit Vista manages villas in Bali. Using platforms like Airbnb, the team oversees operational aspects, ensuring the highest standards are met. Indra emphasized the importance of aligning hospitality businesses, especially hotels, with Indonesian laws and regulations to ensure accountability.

With a portfolio of 12 hotels across Indonesia, Indra’s work involves ongoing projects that require meticulous monitoring to maintain accountability. Despite his busy schedule, his commitment to the Round Table Talk highlighted the significance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the industry.

Doberai Private Island Resort: A Case Study

The discussion also delved into specific projects, including Indra’s consultation for Doberai Private Island Resort in Raja Ampat. The resort offers two distinct packages catering to different markets. The European package promises an authentic experience with wooden bungalows, limited electricity, and a chance to engage with the local culture. On the other hand, the Asian package, tailored for Indonesian and Japanese markets, offers more modern amenities.

One unique activity at the resort is breakfast with the sharks, showcasing the diverse and immersive experiences Bali has to offer.

Travel Tips and Cultural Experiences: A Global Perspective

The conversation wasn’t limited to business; it also touched upon personal experiences and cultural exploration. Indra shared travel tips for Vietnam, emphasizing the ease of walking around Ho Chi Minh City and the convenience of a 6-hour bus journey to Hanoi. The suggestion to use the Couchsurfing Travel App added a personal touch, highlighting the warmth of Vietnamese hospitality.

Liza Joins the Journey: Bridging LA to Bali

The Round Table Talk program welcomed a new participant, Liza, adding another layer of diversity to the discussion. An Indonesian currently residing in LA, Liza shared her plans to invest in Bali, following in the footsteps of Nacho, Carlos, David, and Suzanne. As she embarks on this exciting journey, the gathering provided a platform for her to glean insights from those who have already ventured into Bali’s property landscape.

The conversation took an unexpected yet delightful turn as the group reminisced about their experiences in Istanbul. This fascinating city, straddling two continents, Europe and Asia, captivated everyone’s attention.

Istanbul: A Culinary Haven

Nacho expressed his amazement at the diverse and delectable food offerings in Istanbul. The city’s rich history and cultural amalgamation are reflected in its cuisine, making it a haven for food enthusiasts. The group shared recommendations for must-visit restaurants, underlining Istanbul’s unique ability to offer a culinary journey that spans continents.

David’s Unique Istanbul Haircut Experience

Amidst laughter, David shared an amusing anecdote about his haircut experience in Istanbul. The city’s barbershops, steeped in tradition, provide a unique and immersive grooming experience. David’s tale highlighted the cultural nuances woven into even the simplest daily activities, making his Istanbul haircut a memorable part of his journey.

Suzanne’s Hammam Adventure: A Cultural Soak

Suzanne animatedly recounted her experience in an Istanbul hammam. A traditional Turkish bathhouse, a hammam is not just a place for cleansing but a cultural ritual that dates back centuries. Suzanne’s description brought to life the sensory richness of the hammam experience, from the soothing heat of the steam to the invigorating scrubbing rituals. It became a memorable cultural immersion for her in the heart of Istanbul.

Cultural Diversity and Shared Experiences

The discussion about Istanbul highlighted the group’s appreciation for cultural diversity and the joy of shared experiences. As the conversation weaved through tales of culinary exploration, distinctive haircuts, and cultural soaks, it underscored the universal appeal of immersive travel experiences that go beyond the conventional tourist trail.

Looking Forward: Bali Awaits

As the group eagerly shared stories and laughter, it became evident that these diverse encounters, whether in Istanbul or Bali, contribute to the collective tapestry of their journeys. Liza, on the brink of her Bali investment, surely absorbed not just practical insights but also the spirit of camaraderie that the Round Table Talk fosters.

The evening encapsulated the essence of building in Bali—a fusion of global perspectives, cultural richness, and the shared anticipation of what lies ahead. As Liza joins the ranks of those investing in Bali, her journey promises to be as unique and vibrant as the city that bridges continents—just like Istanbul.

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