Partnership Dinner between Property Owner and Department Computer Science and Electronics of UGM in Yogyakarta

img Dea BukitVista | February 20, 2024

In the world of property management, partnership dinner are more than just formalities; they are the lifeblood of innovation and progress. It’s with immense pleasure that I, Dea Novita, a member of the PR team at Bukit Vista, share insights into a momentous occasion. On February 15, 2024, Bukit Vista had the honor of hosting a Round Table Talk at our Yogyakarta base. This partnership dinner marked not just a gathering but a celebration of the enduring ties between Bukit Vista, our esteemed partner Ibu Aris, and our prospective collaborator, Bapak Budi, alongside one of our most valued university allies, Department Computer Science and Electronics (DIKE) of FMIPA UGM.

Partnership Dinner DIKE FMIPA UGM & Property Owner
Photos of Bukit Vista's Round Table Talk Dinner in Yogyakarta

A Gathering of Visionaries on the Partnership Dinner

The Round Table Talk, a concept tailored to bring Bukit Vista closer to our hiring and business partners, yielded an enriching dialogue with Ibu Aris, the owner of Villa Joglo Kawung, and Bapak Budi of Rumah Budi Santoso. Our dinner with Ibu Aris and Bapak Budi was more than a convivial get-together; it was a convergence of like-minded visionaries poised to shape the future of property management in Yogyakarta. Ibu Aris, the dynamic owner of Villa Joglo Kawung, shared her experiences working with Bukit Vista, highlighting our commitment to enhancing guest experiences with innovative services like our BV GO and GAIA product suite. Bapak Budi, the enterprising owner of Rumah Budi Santoso, brought fresh perspectives to the table, intrigued by the possibilities of leveraging technology to streamline operations and foster guest satisfaction.

Discussion During Dinner with property Owner

These discussions illuminated their experiences and expectations, paving the way for enhanced support from Bukit Vista. In particular, concerns such as the response times from our hosting teams were candidly addressed, with constructive feedback steering us towards improving communication post the integration of our GAIA system. This reflection is a precursor to the robust support framework we aim to construct for our partners, ensuring they always feel valued and heard.

Charting New Frontiers with DIKE FMIPA UGM in Partnership Dinner

The dialogue with DIKE FMIPA UGM was equally fruitful, delving deep into the symbiotic relationship between education and industry. Bukit Vista’s partnership with the university isn’t just about business growth; it’s about nurturing the next generation of talent. Our discussions paved the way for collaborative ventures, particularly in supporting scholarships and practical learning experiences for students. The Capstone Project, a pioneering initiative, invites students to develop prototypes to solve real-world issues, underpinned by the department’s funding and expertise. Furthermore, the Fast Track Scholarship program stands as a testament to our investment in academic excellence and career readiness, ensuring students are not only educated but are also industry-prepared.

Discussion with DIKE FMIPA UGM and Property Partner

Our engagement with DIKE FMIPA UGM during the dinner was particularly a great open opportunity for both side. As we delved into the intricacies of academic collaboration, it became clear that our next venture would be to bolster scholarship support for DIKE’s students. This initiative promises to be a multifaceted one, The Fast Track Scholarship was the focal point of our discourse, an innovative approach to recruitment and academic advancement that underscores the mutual benefits of this partnership.


In conclusion, the Round Table Talk has not only reinforced existing bonds but also set the stage for pioneering alliances. With a focus on nurturing talent through educational programs and fortifying partnerships through enhanced support systems, Bukit Vista stands at the forefront of redefining property management. Our efforts in Yogyakarta are just the beginning of this transformative journey.

We invite you to contact us to join this exciting progression, whether as a property owner, a student, or a visionary investor. Together, let’s sculpt a future that is as prosperous as it is promising.

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