7 Tips To Take Proffesional Photos for Your Bali Luxury Villas

img | June 15, 2022

To make a luxury property listing, having proffesional photos of your bali villa luxury is a must thing you need pay attention to. Proffesional photos gallery are just as important as your villa listing description. The visuals of your villa have a big influence on the interest of guests in your property. 

Imagine if you have a photo of a property that has a dark color tone, not taken from an interesting spot, and from the wrong angle, of course it will reduce guest interest in your bali luxury villa.

If you own a luxury property, such as a luxury villa, then show your guests that your villa does have the luxury sense that they desire. Of course you can show this luxury only through your villa gallery. Because basically humans are visual creatures. The more visually appealing your villa is, the more guests will be attracted to your Bali luxury villa.

To take proffesional photos of luxury villas  is not easy. There are several things you should pay attention to before uploading your Bali luxury villa photos to OTAs. However, you don’t need to worry, Bukit Vista will give you some tips for taking proffesional photos for your luxury villa. After following some of these tips, your villa will definitely look to have an expensive reputation and guests will feel the luxury you provide in your villa. Let’s just read below!

Tips To Take The Best Proffesional Photos for Luxury Villas

1. Define The Concept First

Define concept is important to create a good proffesional photos for bali luxury villas listing
Define concept is important to create a good property listing photos. Photo by Pixabay

A lot of people forget this step and just jump right into the photo-taking step. In the end, the photos they capture are not appropriate and fail to show the uniqueness of the luxury of their own villas.

So to avoid that, it is important to define a concept before taking a proffesional photos of your property. Think of a photo concept that fits with your bali luxury villas concept. Think about how you want to show your room furniture, facilities and interesting spots in your bali luxury villa.

A tip for you, it’s best not to put all the interior furniture into the same frame. This way your photos will look more aesthetic and elegant, which of course adds a luxurious impression to your villa.

2. Prepare Your Property

Makes sure your bali luxury villas is all neat, clean, look cmfortable to engage guest's interest.
Makes sure your property all neat, clean, look cmfortable to engage guest's interest. Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Second thing to do before taking your proffesional photos for your villas is by doing a deep clean of your property. You need to make sure that your luxury villa is all neat and looks appealing to the guest. 

For the interior, make sure to cleaning all the rooms, facilities and decoration of your luxury villas. By doing this, you can make a cleaning services checklist for your property, so no space is left! Or you can visit this article here for a guidance. 

While cleaning your villa, it also enable you to check any defect or a mismatch furniture in your villa. It’s a perfect way to avoid you from any complaints from your guest because the high expectation that they have at your luxury villas. If you found any defect on your furniture, you can repair it immediately or upgrade your furniture. 

3. Use Advance Camera

Use advance camera is the best way to resulting a high resolution proffesional photos for bali luxury villas
Use advance camera is the best way to resulting a high resolution photos. Photo by ATC Comm

When taking property photos, use a professional camera tool such as a DSLR, mirrorless or drone camera. Using a professional camera tool like this will produce the best quality photos on your luxury villas.

But if you don’t have a professional camera, then the results of your smart phone camera are no less good. Many smart phones now feature high-resolution cameras.

In using a high resolution camera, make sure you can adjust the appropriate lighting when shooting indoors and outdoors. so you can produce good and professional image quality. To support professional shooting, you can also use a tripod to avoid blurry or skewed photos.

4. Provide Different Angles

The most important thing in taking proffesional photos for property is to show guests how good, comfortable and luxurious the villa they will live in is. 

Therefore it is important for you to provide a different angle from each corner of the room so that it shows a real image of your villa to guests. To save time, you can also take photos in full shot mode. Full shot mode photos will allow you to show all sides of the room and furniture in one picture.

To add a more pleasant experience to guests, you can try using a 360° camera. Uniquely the 360° camera, this camera will take full shot pictures and give guests the freedom to swipe through photos from their cellphone screens to see the entire room in 360°. Guests will feel as if they are in your luxury villa just through the photos you take with a 360° camera. 

5. Take Photos at The Best Time

Bali villa management is a wise solution to cure your problems and maintain it well in the long-term
Bali villa management is a wise solution to cure your problems and maintain it well in the long-term. Photo by Bukit Vista

Lighting is a very important element in taking photos. Not only does it make photos brighter, but it can also make them look professional.

To get the best light, it is recommended that you use natural light when taking proffesional photos. Wait for the perfect time to get the best light such as late afternoon or early morning. If you take a photo that features dark light and overcast clouds, this will certainly create an unattractive photo atmosphere for guests.

With enough light, photos of the room in your luxury villa will look cleaner, clearer, and sharper. You can open the windows and curtains to let the sunlight into your villa. therefore, make sure to take photos at the right time to get the best proffesional photos quality.

6. Use Rule of Thirds

The rules of thirds will guide you to get the best proffesional photo composition.
The rules of thirds will guide you to get the best photo composition. Photo by Garvin St. Villier

Good photos require good composition too. To create a good composition in a photo, you need to pay attention to the rule of thirds. The rule of third is a guide on how to position the inner third of the photo to make it look attractive.

To position photos using the rule of thirds, use the grid lines or helplines available on professional cameras or mobile phones. This line is what helps you to take the position of the photo so that it is not tilted and in a parallel and neat state. You can also explore taking photos in landscape or portrait positions to make them look more attractive. 

7. Don't Forget to Edit The Photos

Edit the photos to make it more proffesional for your bali luxury villas.
Edit the photos to make it more proffesional. Photo by Tranmautritam

After you do some of the steps above and get good results, it’s time to do editing. To edit, you only need to use a simple photo editing software on your computer or mobile phone.

When editing, you need to adjust the brightness according to the exposure, raise the highlights just right, and lower the shadows a bit. You can play with it to determine the right color for your proffesional photos.

Be consistent and do the same for the other photos. Don’t overdo photo editing or use filters that are very different from the original color. This is so that your luxury villa photos still look natural, elegant, and not fake.

8. Hire A Proffesional Rental Photograper

Hiring a proffesional photographer is the best investment for your rental luxury villas. Photo by JÉSHOOTS

If you are a busy property owner or live far from your property, hiring a vacation rental photographer is the best choice. Even though you have to spend more budget, the results will not disappoint you, and even have the potential to increase the value of your bali luxury villa.

One property management company sometimes provides free photographer rentals to partners. You can get this benefit by becoming a partner at Bukit Vista. Bukit Vista uses high-resolution camera tools, drones and 360° cameras to optimize the beautiful view and spot of partner properties. Learn more about us HERE

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Taking professional photos for your property is an important requirement to attract guests to your property. You can get many benefits if you have professional photos, such as increasing the image of your property, making guests click on your property listing, increasing prices, and increasing guest confidence in your luxury villa. 

More than 170 luxury villas, guest house and homestay in Bali has enhance their property’s images for the better branding with the help of Bukit Vista. Bukit Vista is a one-way solution for owner to find the best and innovative strategy to optimize their property. Learn more about services HERE

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