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Access our curated network of elite service experts – from renowned contractors and architects to legal advisors and interior designers, all dedicated to catering to every facet of your luxury property’s needs.

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Comprehensive Property Appraisal and Projections

Discover the actual value of your luxury property with our detailed market analysis and revenue projections, grounded in our deep understanding of the high-end market dynamics.

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Join the ranks of Bali’s most distinguished luxury villas and resorts, experiencing our unparalleled management expertise

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– est 2012

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Average 4.5+ star reviews on Airbnb
– est 2012


Properties under management
– April 2024

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Potential Yearly Revenue of Assets Under Management (AUM)
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Average daily sales
– 51.12% increase compared to last year period

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Average first-page search impressions on Airbnb (in the last 1 year)
$ 0 M
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Average occupancy rate
– From March 2023 until March 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Things to Note:

    • The competitive environment in Bali means simply listing your property is not enough to stand out.
    • A competent management team is crucial for:
      • Handling inquiries and reservations.
      • Marketing and listing optimization.
      • Revenue management to maximize occupancy and earnings.
    • Managing a property can quickly become overwhelming when done remotely, transforming into a part-time job that requires constant attention and personnel management.
    • The traditional property management model involves fixed expenses for a team of employees, which adds financial risk without performance guarantees.

Our Solution:

    • Bukit Vista assumes the risks of hiring, performance, and maintaining systems, shifting from a fixed expense model to a variable one, thereby reducing the financial burden on property owners. 
    • The commission structure aims to be fair, maximizing the property’s revenue potential and ensuring a swift return on investment.
    • Property owners who switch to Bukit Vista often find that the service pays for itself through significant revenue improvements, effectively minimizing out-of-pocket costs.

Partnering with Bukit Vista indeed comes with a cost. Still, it’s an investment that allows you to easily navigate the competitive Bali rental market, simplify your management tasks, and boost your property’s financial success—all while minimizing your direct involvement and risk. We designed this strategic collaboration to offset the initial expense through significant improvements in performance and revenue, making it a worthwhile choice for property owners aiming for success in Bali’s bustling market.

Also, if we don’t reach our agreed minimum or average revenue targets in the first 3 months, we will activate our money-back guarantee, providing a full refund of the management fee, minus operational costs. This commitment underscores our dedication to your investment’s prosperity.

  1. Consultation: Start with a quick chat to learn about your property and expectations.
  2. Business Plan: Get a personalized proposal with revenue projections for your property.
  3. Contract: We’ll create a contract if you agree to our proposal.
  4. Onboarding: Our team will handle your onboarding process by taking beautiful photos, promoting your property online, creating a pricing strategy, training onsite staff, and ensuring every detail is correct for your guests.
  5. Monitor: Sit back, relax, and monitor your property’s performance from the BV GO mobile app.

As the most advanced and most trustworthy Bali property management company, we offer our property partners the most excellent and fastest return on investment. We continuously innovate using data science, AI, and traditional hospitality to give your property an edge in Bali’s competitive and disruptive travel marketplace.

Benefits to Partners:

Delightful Operations: We ensure your property is well-managed and maintained, with a carefully recruited team tailored to your needs for seamless guest hosting or personal use.

  • Seamless operations
  • Excellence as standard
  • Distinctive hospitality
  • Cherished experiences 

Delightful Partner CommunityWe lead the Bali property management sector by prioritizing effective communication, fostering strong partnerships, and building a vibrant and mutually rewarding ecosystem to achieve collective objectives. We have a solid supporting system that will support you to maximize your investment:

  • We love bringing our partners together over food, drinks, and delightful company. We host dinners in our office at the Round Table Talk.
  •  We have Community Experts who navigate property challenges from legal issues to architectural design and pest control.
  •  Bali Business Review gives insights for investors looking to buy, sell, or lease property in Bali.

Inspirational Branding: Maximize your vacation rental property’s success with our innovative ranking approach, guided by state-of-the-art tech and expert marketing strategies, transforming your villa into a thriving and profitable business in Bali’s competitive marketplace. See how our team uses AI & IT to deliver Inspirational Branding:

  • GAIA is our AI super-engine for flawless guest communication.
  • ATLAS is our tool to keep sustained ranking while providing the highest returns.
  • MERLIN is superior visuals & graphics program for accurate performance
  • Delightful Operations to make sure that we have 5-star quality performance.
  • BV GO is our tool to have a seamless brand monitoring & control at your fingertips.

Inspirational Investment Advice: We offer dependable property appraisal services and accurate revenue forecasting to assist property owners in making informed decisions

Occupancy is only half of a high-performance management company’s responsibility; the other is your ADR (average daily rate). As a property owner, the best questions are, “How much can I expect to earn every year?” and “What steps will you take to ensure my investment grows over time?”

Bukit Vista data analysts will create a custom business plan for your property with projected revenue and profits for your unique property, location, and product-user fit. They will rate your design and location and give you reliability and a target contract value.

The cornerstones of high performance are an excellent manager-owner relationship that focuses on delivering high-quality guest experiences consistently.

This process of getting great 5-star reviews is what we call Inspirational Branding. Our engineers at Bukit Vista have created custom AI tools to accelerate perfect guest reviews, adapted to each nationality and segment from which our guests will be arriving.

We promise that if you’re paying more, you’ll get more.

A 20% fee is the highest in the Bali property management market, but it’s because we can commit to the highest return in the shortest time and ensure year-on-year growth of your earnings.

If you select our Inspired Branding or Inspired Investment packages, you’ll pay 15% and 20% of revenue, respectively. Click on the link here to see how our ‘secret sauce’ works.

Our Inspired Investment package at 20% offers a 3-month trial period with a money-back guarantee. We’re sure you’ll love the experience of being a Bukit Vista partner and that we’ll return your management fees if you’re unhappy for any performance reasons in the first three months of your contract.

    • If you find a management company that can offer a greater return faster than us, we’ll return your fees.
    • We’ll refund your fees if you find a management company with a better business plan and innovative strategy.
    • If you find a company that offers better hospitality and provides better guest experiences, we’ll refund your fees.
    • We’ll return your fees if you find a company that offers the transparency and trustworthiness of our custom BV-GO app and our delightful partner community.
    • We’ll ask for a contract cancellation fee if you want to return your property for personal use.


Every owner pays what they feel like is the right amount of tax, according to their financial strategy & plans. We will not pay taxes on behalf of owners since we’re not collecting any ‘hidden fees’ for tax collection. We advise speaking to a knowledgeable legal representative to find the correct tax for you.

Check out our Community Experts and legal representatives who have worked successfully with past Bukit Vista clients; we hold them in high regard. 

To maintain our commitment to partners’ trust and integrity, we ensure unbiased referrals by not collecting any ‘fees’ or ‘commissions’ from our community experts. However, we occasionally engage in marketing collaborations and knowledge sharing with them.

Find out today what your property is worth.

Send a request to our team now and we’ll return to you in a short period, typically 3-5 working days, with a personalized business plan derived from our extensive data warehouse, which has over 10,000 new data points added daily from relevant bookings happening all over Bali.

  • We source first-party data from our records.
  • We source second-party data records from web-scraping sites like Airbnb, Momondo, and other prominent travel websites.
  • We source third-party data from the Indonesian Census, Weather, and Tourism Ministries.

Instant accountability. With the financial dashboard on your BV-GO app allows you to monitor the status of any payment coming from any live channel in real time.

Payments to Bukit Vista will be processed online when guests make a booking through an OTA (, Airbnb, Agoda, etc.).

Each OTA service has different ways of processing payments.

According to the revenue-sharing breakdown, Airbnb will send the correct payment amounts to the owner (you) and Bukit Vista separately.

Airbnb can pay according to the following payout options globally (click here for more information of Airbnb payout). will pay for all bookings on the 15th of the month.

For Inspired Branding, the minimum period of the contract is one year.

For Inspired Investment, the recommended period of the contract is three years.


Most branding takes about 12-18 months to significantly outpace and outrank competitors, which means profits are generally highest in the second and third years of management. Shorter contracts mean you lose most of the upcoming benefits since you can cancel risk-free within the first three months for Inspired Investment, which is a fair option for most of our property partners.

If you have concerns about obtaining a PT PMA, we recommend consulting with our Community Expert, who specializes in legal consulting and can assist you with your questions.

Establishing a PT PMA can lead to lower taxes in the future. To estimate your potential tax savings, please use our Tax Calculator, which you can access here.

Read more about Foreign Investment with PT PMA vs. Non-PT PMA here.

The level of involvement required from the property owner depends on the chosen management package:

  1. Inspired Branding Package (15%):
    • Responsibilities of Bukit Vista: We handle all marketing efforts to ensure maximum occupancy and revenue generation. Our staff, managed through BVGO , will address any operational issues and provide regular reports.
    • Responsibilities of the Property Owner: The property owner must adhere to our operational standards and cover all operational costs.
  2. Inspired Investment Package (20%):
    • Responsibilities of Bukit Vista: As a full-service property manager, we take complete control of daily operations, ensuring a hands-off experience for the owner. Property owners still have access to BVGO for full transparency.
    • Responsibilities of the Property Owner: The property owner entrusts all aspects of property management to us while retaining access to BVGO for monitoring purposes.

No, the revenue sharing percentage is fixed: We maintain a consistent revenue sharing percentage to ensure the quality of our services aligns with the value we provide. This approach guarantees that all property owners receive the same high standards of management and support.

Yes, you can make payments to international banking accounts. We set up automatic payments from the OTA to your bank account.

The recipient will need to provide Bukit Vista with their bank account details, including the name of the bank, the account number and holder name, and a photo of the ID card (passport). 

Payment can take seven working days, and you will receive net value after commission.

We outline the strategy and branding of your property in our two packages, Inspired Branding and Inspired Investment.

We target short-term rather than long-term rentals since investment returns are faster, much more robust, and more significant in the short-term rental market than in the long-term.

In the short-term market, for most properties we manage, Airbnb is the go-to marketplace, and we focus all your reviews and ranking on this platform to deliver the highest quality investment results; our evidence and reasoning are here

With the benefit of the Inspirational Branding & Delightful Operations programs, we optimize investment performance on Airbnb by delivering:

  • Consistent bookings – which improve ranking
  • High-quality guest reviews – which also improve ranking

The average daily rate (ADR) is only half of a high-performance management company’s responsibility; the other is your occupancy. Determining the correct daily rate is a misunderstood subject involving continuous analysis, research, and market awareness. We’ve been doing this every day since 2013, and we still make exciting discoveries monthly that can impact revenue. If you’re ready for a deep dive, check out our data science blog and the development of ATLAS, our AI-enhanced pricing predictor.

As a property owner, the best questions are, “How much can I expect to earn every year?” and “What steps will you take to ensure my investment grows over time?”

Bukit Vista data analysts will create a custom business plan for your property with projected revenue and profits for your unique property, location, and product-user fit. They will rate your design and location and give you reliability and a target contract value.

The cornerstones of high performance are an excellent manager-owner relationship that focuses on delivering high-quality guest experiences consistently.

This process of getting great 5-star reviews is what we call Inspirational Branding. Our engineers at Bukit Vista have created custom AI tools to accelerate perfect guest reviews, adapted to each nationality and segment from which our guests will be arriving.

  • Placing a property online is simple, but gaining traffic and visibility requires expertise.
  • Bukit Vista’s service includes:
    • Evaluating investment potential
    • Building brand presence
    • Driving traffic
    • Converting inquiries into bookings
    • Achieving 5-star reviews
  • The goal is to make your property a successful cash-producing asset.
  • Bukit Vista promises faster and better results or offers a money-back guarantee.
  • Bukit Vista integrates property listings into its Airbnb profiles under a co-branding approach.
  • The co-branding model supports the collective growth of the property portfolio.
  • Property brands evolve and grow as long as the partnership with Bukit Vista continues.
  • Terminating the partnership results in a mutual loss of the built-up brand and review capital.
No hidden fees are involved when you partner with us. However, we strive to provide the most accurate financial projections possible during the business plan stage. Here are some considerations:
  • Estimation Reliability: If we encounter unpredictable revenue or expense factors, our estimates may have a lower reliability (40-60%). This typically occurs in regions with limited historical data.
  • Potential Adjustments: Unexpected conditions may necessitate budget adjustments. For example:
    • Electricity Instability: We may need to include a generator in the budget to ensure a reliable power supply.
    • Water Usage: In areas without government penalties for excessive water use, we might anticipate greater reliance on tank water.

To help us provide the most accurate forecasts and avoid unforeseen charges, please inform our business analysts of any such conditions.

  • Enduring Presence: Bukit Vista has been a steadfast innovator in the hospitality industry since 2008, outliving several competitors like OYO, Nida, Airy Rooms, and Exotiq Villa Rentals.
  • Innovation at Our Core: Our commitment to innovation in hospitality is unwavering. We continually seek ways to enhance our services and value proposition. Please click here to see how we’ve evolved.
  • Open Door Upon Return: Should you decide to return after exploring other options, we’ll welcome you with open arms, ready to improve your property’s value proposition through a deeper mutual understanding.
  • Realizing Bukit Vista’s Value: Many property owners discover that alternative management companies need more practical strategy, team, or tools, leading to lost time and revenue. This realization often brings them back to Bukit Vista, recognizing our unmatched value.
  • Engagement and Community: We invite you to remain part of our community, offering several ways to stay connected and informed:
    • Company Events: Open invitations to our engaging community events.
    • Newsletters: Our newsletter, BV Bali Updates, is sent out regularly through BV GO and email, sharing tips on investing, property market news, inspirational stories from partners or guests, and event summaries.
    • Round Table Talk Dinners: This is an exclusive opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions every Tuesday and Thursday in our office in Jimbaran. These dinners allow property owners, Bukit Vista team members, and industry experts to share insights, strategies, and experiences collaboratively. It’s a chance to network, learn, and grow together, ensuring you stay at the forefront of hospitality innovation.

Choosing Bukit Vista means more than just a property management service; it’s a partnership to maximize your property’s potential through innovation, community, and shared knowledge.

  • Limited to 60 days of personal use: This measure is part of our commitment to maximizing your returns as a property investor through the Inspired Branding and Inspired Investment packages.

  • Impact on ranking and returnAny interruptions in a property’s calendar can negatively affect its ranking, influencing the brand’s prominence and the expected investment returns.

  • Three hundred days of availability: To achieve optimal occupancy rates and investment value for your property, you must maintain at least 300 days of available calendar space each year.

This approach ensures that we can offer the highest possible return on your investment in the shortest time possible, aligning with our dedication to your success as a property investor.

  • Revenue Optimization and Maximization: We employ advanced strategies and data-driven insights to maximize your property’s revenue potential.
  • Expense Management: Our meticulous approach to managing expenses ensures that your operational costs are kept to a minimum without compromising quality.
  • Increased Profits: By partnering with us, property owners benefit from a larger share of the revenue. Our fee structure aligns our interests with yours, motivating us to work harder and achieve higher returns.
  • No Additional Fees: There are no extra charges from our side beyond the agreed revenue share. However, property owners are responsible for covering operational expenses, such as water and electricity.
  • Revenue Sharing Model: We operate on a revenue-sharing basis, not profit sharing. This ensures transparency and aligns our interests with maximizing your property’s revenue.

Further Information: Please refer to the attached chart for a detailed breakdown of the revenue sharing and expenses.

Revenue Chart

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