Tech Talk GDSC MUM Press Release

img Syelynn | March 2, 2022

As a way to inspire students, Bukit Vista held a Tech Talk Webinar in collaboration with Monash University’s Google Developer Students Club (GDSC) that has 2 main topics from 2 remarkable speakers. Our UI/UX designer Nadia showed “UI/UX Design 101” and our backend developer Chris talked about “Developing Backend API vs Using Backend as a Service Like Firebase”.

A lot of job roles based on computer science can make IT students confused about which position they should aim for, what are exactly are they doing, and many other confusions. To answer their questions, Nadia demonstrated a brief of her work as a UI/UX designer. With the help from her years of experience in the aforementioned field, she showed the difference between UI and UX, the 3 steps of designing, brand identity, and the real works of a UI/UX designer. In the QnA session, she also mentioned her inspiring projects and remarkable challenges that make her a better designer.

Coming after Nadia, Chris also enlightened us regarding his expertise, backend development. In 30 minutes, Chris answered one of the most fundamental questions as a backend developer: Should I develop my own backend service or use Firebase as my Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS)? To give more understanding about the topic, Chris started from the very basic such as explaining what is backend and the flow of the backend. After he made sure all of us grasp the idea of backend development, he moved to the main topic, which is showing the advantages and disadvantages of both methods. At the end of his presentation, he pointed out the answer to the topics and the real usage of backend development in Bukit Vista IT innovations.

During the webinar, the participants were also actively involved in sending questions they wanted to discuss during the question and answer session. For more complete insights from Chris and Nadia’s discussion watch the full session here!

Bukit Vista is a property management startup company with 190+ properties in Bali, Yogyakarta, and Nusa Penida. We are currently opening remote internship and full-time opportunities for Product Owner, Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, Quality Assurance, UI/UX Designer, and many more. Register directly on our job landing page and have a professional and enjoyable work experience! We hope this webinar can inspire you and see you at the next webinar!

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