3 Lessons How To Help Your Vacation Rental Branding for Luxury Bali Villa

img | June 30, 2022

Many property owner doesn’t realize that vacation rental branding is actually plays important roles in increasing the bookings rate. Most of them are only focus by optimizing their marketing villa strategy without any branding optimization. So, how important it is to  branding your luxury villas? 

Let’s imagine that your villa has a very unique or luxurious interior and exterior with the most epic beautiful view in Bali. Plus, when your villa is placed in strategic location and provides with so many amazing facilities, photo spot, and guest-services. You must be feel pleasure by how delighted experience that you will deliver to your guest. 

You have invest amount of budget to build an amazing property. But, what is the used of your effort if only few of people recognise your property and actually booking for the room? Your property need a spotlight that it deserved. That’s the reason why vacation rental branding is very important. 

Vacation rental branding can give so much value to your property, that is: 

1. Build a Better Connection With Your Guest 

2. Easy to Found and Refer

3. Great Opportunity to Stand Out

Those are the potential values that your property could have if you do vacation rental branding for your property

Let’s dig in more the reasons why you should do vacation rental branding for your luxury bali villa down below!

What is Vacation Rental Branding

vacation rental branding is essential to market your luxury bali villa.
Vacation rental branding is essential to market your villa and get into customer's mind. Photo by rawpixel.com

According to The Branding Journalbranding is the process of giving a meaning to specific organization, company, products or services by creating and shaping a brand in consumers’ mind. Branding is helping a business or organization to people quicly recognize their identity, which is called a brand identity. 

Brand identity basically consist of several elements, including: 

  • Name of the brand (property names’s or property management company)
  • Logo
  • Color of the brand
  • The Concept
  • Tagline
  • Property images
  • Fonts

All these elements is a requirement how you can make a unique branding identity for your luxury bali villa. 

Vacation rental branding is aims to attract and retain loyal customer to keep revisit and connect with your property by delivering a unique guest experience that aligned with property’s promises or vision and mission. It is also essential to grab audience attention and become memorable in their mind. 

Branding is the based and essential part of your villa marketing strategy. Imagine that you have spend a lot of budget to optimize your marketing strategy but you don’t have a strong brand identity for your property. Guest would probably interested with your villa but when they passed it and wanted to comeback to your villa, they couldn’t remember the brand identity of your villa. 

That’s why vacation rental branding is very important and potentially increasing you booking rate. Many property owners actually willing to pay a lot of budget to hire some expert or property management services to enhance their vacation rental branding. It is because vacation rental branding would give so many values to their property and guest experience as well. 

So based on my explanation above, how branding strategy can affect to your luxury bali villas in maximum? Let’s find out more! 

Why You Need To Brand Your Bali Villa

Vacation rental branding will gives a huge values to your bali luxury villa
Vacation rental branding will gives a huge values to your property. Photo by Bukit Vista

Branding startegy is aims to attract and retain loyal customer to always use and connect with one brand by delivering a services or product that aligned with company’s promises or vision and mission. 

So based on my explanation above, how branding strategy can affect to your luxury bali villas? Let’s find out more! 

1. Build a Better Connection With Your Guest

Your guest drives your business, which is it’s important how you connect with your guest with your brand. Branding is way you can communicate with your guest to understand what your property offer and what kind of experience they bring to them. This is why branding can helps you to building a strong connection and personal emotional between your property and your guest. 

2. Easy To Found and Refer

Once you have your own branding identity and branding position, you guest will found you easily. Creating a startegic branding strategy is important to attract guest recognize your property and potentially refer it other people. Branding also encourage a loyalty from your guest and make a repeat visit. 

3. Great Opportunity to Stand Out

Vacation rental branding startegy will allows you to show your unique and best feature of your property. This will potentially enhance the value of your villas and make it more stands out in the market. Certainly, guest will recognize your villas quickly and make it in the top of their minds as what you branding. 

How To Do Vacation Rental Branding

1. Highlight The Best and Unique Feature

First lesson to branding your luxury villa is by highlight the best and unique feature on your property. For example, you have a property with uncommon or unique design interior in the certain area. You definetly can use it a headline of your property or make a tagline from those feature. 

Other than that, you also can take a look at that facilities that might be as a plus point at your property. Perhaps you have property that has a great facilities for family members, for couple and etc. Those also could be a great branding for your property to niche a right target market that you want. 

2. Show Your Personality

If you have a property that has a personal meaning for you, it could be a great branding for your villas. You can show your own personality and what’s the uniqueness of your property. You can chooose a brand name of your property based on your family’s name, things that you loved, placed that you have visit and etc. This way your property would be easily recognizable and stand out in the market. 

3. Capture The Vibe

The concept or the vibe of your property also can be an important element for your branding. For example, you have a luxurious farm house concept villa in the middle of the city or a traditional balinese house, you can capture it as the title of your property. 

Let guest knows what’s kind of experience that you bring to them and make them feel it through the beautiful photos of your villas. A high quality proffesional photos plays important part in this strategy, so make sure that you have it. Because it gives your guest a clear picture what’s it like to be in your property. 

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Vacation rental branding strategy has brings so many values to your luxury villas. It helps you to build a better connection with your guest, make your property more recognizeable, and opportunity to be stand out in the market. 

Bali is a great place to build a long-term property investment. So don’t lose any potential that your property has. More than 170 luxury villas, guest house and homestay has enhance their vacation rental branding with the help of Bukit Vista. 

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