BV E-Talk

BV E-Talk #18 – How Empathy Advance Your Work as a Customer Relations

In this opportunity, Bukit Vista shared insights into the hospitality industry on the 18th series of BV E-Talk on February 25th, 2022. The event was co-hosted by AIESEC Semarang, HMPI Indonesia, and KOMAKO UGM. Bukit Vista invited 2 incredible speakers, Josephine Ambiya, a customer support specialist at Spenmo, and Laras Candra Laksi, support team leader at Influx as the webinar was themed...

BV E-Talk #17- Adaptation in Tourism & Hospitality as the Needs of Customers are Shaped by the Pandemic

On September 24th, 2021, Bukit Vista returns with the seventeenth series of the BV E-Talk, co-hosted by DSC Binus, HIMTA UI and MBW NHI Bandung on the theme “Adaptation in Tourism & Hospitality as the Needs of Customers are Shaped by the Pandemic”. On this occasion, Bukit Vista invited Stephen Ang, the Co-Founder of Wanderis and Anita Briana,  Founder of Moana, to share their thoughts...

BV C&E-Talk #16 – ROLE Foundation & Tri Upcycle

Bukit Vista was once again successful in holding their event, BV C&E-Talk #16 with the theme "Sustainable Community in Today's World". For this month's event, it feels a little special because the team from Bukit Vista combined their two main events, BV E-Talk and BV C-Talk into one! Held on July 23, 2021, BV CE-Talk provides trusted industry professionals with an opportunity to talk about their...

BV C-Talk: Jogja Interior | Design Minimalis, Interior Fantastis!

Hai BV-ers, Bukit Vista kembali lagi mengadakan C-Talk nya yang ke-21 nih! Kali ini, kita dapat kesempatan untuk ngobrol dengan CEO Jogja Interior, mas Asha Aditya!  Seru banget obrolan kali ini, banyak informasi penting dan bermutu yang perlu diketahui seputar dunia Jogja interior design.  Pas banget, bagi para BV-ers yang mungkin sedang mencari jasa interior design di daerah Jogja, bisa banget nih...

BV E-Talk #15 Press Release

On May 27th, 2021, Bukit Vista successfully held the fifteenth series of BV E-Talk together with co-hosts from PPI HK, KSEP ITB, and BEM FEB UGM on "Growth Marketing 101: What You Need to Know". Bukit Vista specifically invited professional speakers from Vloggi, David Taylor-Smith, and Sten Ivan from HodInaut to share their experiences and knowledge in the field of Digital Marketing which has been growing...

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