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We Gain More Than 50 Property Partnership in a Month!

Psst, here are Bukit Vista marketing strategies! Bukit Vista as the most innovative hospitality startup in Bali and Yogyakarta always inspire delight, to our property partner, guests, and employees. Although this is a difficult time for hospitality industry due to COVID-19 pandemic, Bukit Vista successfully bounce back through build a lot of partnerships with more than 50 property owner in a month....

Staycation becomes a travel trend for 2021: Big opportunity for property

Updated : 26 March 2021 Written by: Ilham The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the traveling lifestyle. The online travel and booking company Traveloka predicted that the travel trend for 2021 will include staycation. Based on Traveloka's data on travel activities, 38 percent of its users chose to go for a staycation, 34 percent chose to enjoy culinary tours, and the other 25 percent wished to take a...

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