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Mengapa Berinvestasi Properti di Bali Menjanjikan di Tahun 2023?

Hai, saya Feby! Saya ingin membagikan pandangan saya tentang apakah berinvestasi properti di Bali masih menjanjikan. Setelah mempelajari pasar properti dan mengenal investor properti selama saya bekerja di Bukit Vista, saya telah memperoleh pemahaman umum tentang pasar properti Bali. Jadi, ini dia temuan saya. Peluang investasi di Bali Bali menawarkan sejumlah peluang investasi bagi mereka yang...

Peaceful Wooden Cabin in Ubud Beautiful Ricefield by Bukit Vista

Property Demand 2023 in Ubud: A Guide to Investing in Ubud’s Property Market

Hey there, it's Ganes! I'm thrilled to share my insights on the current property demand in Ubud. Having spent countless hours studying the rental market trends and feedback from guests during my time at Bukit Vista, a leading rental property management company in Bali, I've gained a deep understanding of what drives property demand in this beautiful part of the world. So, grab a cup of coffee and join me...

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Panduan untuk Pasar Properti Bali Sejak Pandemi (2019-2023)

  Kami di Bukit Vista — telah mengelola properti di Bali untuk 140+ pemilik properti dengan pengalaman lebih dari 10 tahun dan telah mengumpulkan data yang luas mengenai pasar penyewaan properti di Bali. Dari temuan kami, pasar penyewaan properti telah mengalami perubahan yang signifikan sejak tahun 2019, dengan berbagai macam faktor yang mempengaruhi pertubumbuhan dan pengembangannya. Bukit Vista...


Top 5 Most Asked Questions by Property Owners (Part 1)

Hi everyone, it’s Gareth here. As a digital marketer in Bukit Vista, I have optimized more than 100 properties of our partners. We get it. You will ask a lot of questions when you are trusting your villa to third-party management. However, one of the values of Bukit Vista is transparency. So in this opportunity, we’ll try to answer the top 5 most asked questions by property owners to answer your...

Investing in Bali

Where are the best location to invest property in Bali?

How Bukit Vista collects hundreds of data properties in Bali Bukit Vista is a company that has collected 200+ rental properties in Bali from different regions across the island. These properties range from villas and apartments to holiday homes and guest houses, and are located in popular areas such as Seminyak, Canggu, and Ubud. Bukit Vista has gathered extensive data on these properties, including...

Staycation becomes a travel trend for 2021: Big opportunity for property

Updated : 26 March 2021 Written by: Ilham The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the traveling lifestyle. The online travel and booking company Traveloka predicted that the travel trend for 2021 will include staycation. Based on Traveloka's data on travel activities, 38 percent of its users chose to go for a staycation, 34 percent chose to enjoy culinary tours, and the other 25 percent wished to take a...

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