Best OTAs (Online Travel Agency) to Increase Bookings and Revenue

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Hello, I’m Adiel and I’ve learned a ton about the Bali real estate market during my time at Bukit Vista. As we focus on managing rental properties in Bali, using various platforms to promote our 100+ properties. Our goal is to help partners boost guest bookings and get the most return on their investment.

With over 10 years of experience managing more than 110 properties and accumulating over 38,000 guest reviews, we have deep insights into effective marketing platforms that attract guests across Bali. In the bustling digital landscape of travel, selecting the right Online Travel Agents (OTAs) can be the difference between an average occupancy rate and a fully-booked season. Discover how leveraging the best OTAs can transform your property’s online presence and revenue.

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What is an OTAs anyway?

OTA stands for Online Travel Agency. These are websites where you can directly book various travel services like hotels, tours, cruises, and activities. Examples include Airbnb,, and Traveloka. They often have a user-friendly interface, making it convenient for guests to browse and book accommodations.

The prevalence of online bookings cannot be understated. By 2022, 68% of all travel and tourism sales were made online, and this is expected to grow to 73% by 2026. With a particular affinity from Millennials and younger demographics who tend to favor OTAs over direct hotel sites.

OTAs to increase property bookings graphic

Benefits of using an OTAs

The support from OTAs, including customer service and insurance provisions, brings added value that helps offset associated fees from potential guest issues. The “Billboard Effect” suggests that properties listed on multiple OTAs may experience a 20% boost in direct bookings, thanks to increased visibility and credibility.

In the digital age, OTAs have become a crucial tool for property owners. They not only boost property visibility but also unlock the maximum revenue potential. Instances exist where companies faced operational challenges due to the lack of a strategy, neglecting OTAs as a valuable marketing channel.

Our choice of OTAs to increase bookings: Airbnb &

Out of the many available OTAs, Airbnb stands out as a preferred choice for property owners seeking effective accommodation marketing. Drawing on our extensive experience at Bukit Vista, despite utilizing other OTAs like Traveloka, and Agoda, Airbnb’s and stand at the top OTA choice to increase bookings and revenue. 

otas booking monthly count
Our internal database shows Airbnb followed by as the higheset booking count received from all OTAs

Having spent more then 10+ years marketing hundreds of our rental property, we have used and tested several OTAs and collected their booking count as performance. As shown on the graph above, Airbnb clearly stood at the top having the highest bookings followed with, direct booking, and Agoda. 

Why Airbnb is a popular choice to increase bookings?

Having spent more then 10+ years marketing hundreds of our rental property, we have used and tested several OTAs and collected their booking count as performance. As shown on the graph above, Airbnb clearly stood at the top having the highest bookings followed with, direct booking, and Agoda. 

Product-Market Fit with Foreign Guests:

Airbnb’s platform is particularly attractive to international travelers in search of unique and authentic experiences. With its global reach, property owners can connect with a broad audience of foreign guests, aligning well with Bali’s international allure. As shown from google trends data below, the keyword “Airbnb” shows a growing and trending interest compared to other OTAs. 

google trend : optimize your Airbnb
This graph from Google Trends show the overall interest of OTAs from all over the world.

Airbnb Aircover Host Damage Protection is designed to offer comprehensive coverage, providing hosts with financial support in various situations:

  • Damage to Property: This includes damage to your home, furnishings, valuables, or belongings caused by guests or their invitees.
  • Vehicle Damage: It covers damage to parked cars, boats, or other vehicles caused by guests or their invitees.
  • Cleaning Costs: AirCover also includes unexpected or extra cleaning costs incurred due to the behavior of a guest or their invitees during an Airbnb stay. This can include professional services such as carpet cleaning.
  • Lost Income: In case you need to cancel confirmed Airbnb bookings due to damage caused by a guest or their invitees, AirCover provides coverage for lost income
host damage protection Airbnb aircover to protect hosts from guests

User-Friendly Interface and Booking Process

Airbnb provides a user-friendly platform that simplifies the booking process for guests, improving their overall experience. This easy-to-navigate interface boosts booking rates and lowers the chances of potential guests abandoning the booking process.


Above is one of our property partner Airbnb listing for guests to book 

Our Experience in optimizing OTAs (Airbnb)

As one of the largest Airbnb hosts and property managers in Bali. We have optimized hundreds of Airbnb listing to our partners. From capturing photos that enhance your properties to creating descriptive listings that ranks on Airbnb, and using dynamic price optimization to enhance revenue, we do it all to manage your rental property and ensure your OTA listing become one of many guest favorites. 

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Years of experiences

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Properties across Bali

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Average 4.5+ star reviews

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USD Avg. monthly revenue generated by our properties or Rp63.000.000+

Boost Your Property & OTA Bookings with Bukit Vista

If you’re looking to maximize your property’s visibility and bookings, partnering with the right OTAs is crucial. At Bukit Vista, we specialize in optimizing your listings and enhancing your online presence through strategic use of platforms like Agoda,, and Airbnb. 

As well as managing your properties in Bali with a proven track record of maximizing guest bookings and guest satisfaction.  Connect with us to discover how we can elevate your property’s success in the competitive hospitality market.

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