Navigating Change and Commitment: The Inspiring Journey of Florent Delente, CEO at Emerhub

img Jey Bukitvista | October 31, 2023

Hello, I’m Jey, currently interning with the Human Resource team at Bukit Vista. You might have come across my previous blog posts and articles, where I’ve shared insights about our company culture and stories from our dedicated employees. Today, I’m excited to introduce you to one of the inspiring speakers from our All Hands meeting on October 31st, 2023 – Florent Delente, CEO at Emerhub.

Florent explaining his career journey.

Florent’s career began in the finance industry, where he started as a Middle Office Analyst at Dexia Asset Management, France. He worked in asset management and financial markets. His expertise led him to advise banks, financial institutions, and corporate entities in asset management and corporate banking. He helped them navigate complex challenges such as outsourcing, expanding their operations, and mergers, not only in Europe but also in the Middle East and Asia. His journey in the finance sector spanned over ten years.

In 2015, Florent made a pivotal decision to move to Indonesia, taking on the role of Cruise Director & Resort Manager at PADI, seeking a break from his established career. His relocation to Papua marked a significant turning point in his life. He shifted his focus to the tourism industry, exploring the beauty of the eastern part of Indonesia. His endeavors included ventures into the resource industry, tourism, and hospitality.

An Unexpected Challenge: Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic

Just as his foray into Indonesia was gaining momentum, the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The tourism industry ground to a halt, and Florent found himself faced with a dilemma. With no tourists in sight, he contemplated how to help his community and continue his journey.

Florent’s response to the pandemic was remarkable. He decided to export the unique products and knowledge of Indonesia to the world. This decision gave birth to “Bali Bazaar,” a project that aimed to connect Indonesia with the global market. The bazaar’s mission was to support local artisans and offer their products to the international community.

Florent answering insightful question.

Leadership at Emerhub: Bringing Value and Quality Service

Today, Florent is the Group CEO at Emerhub, a position that comes with newfound responsibilities. He shares his vision, which is grounded in his years of experience, emphasizing that success is rooted in bringing value and quality service to clients. His approach is customer-centric, whether in marketing, operations, or sales.

The Importance of Commitment: Building Strong Relationships

Florent believes in asking the critical question of “why” and maintaining consistency in business operations. Changing strategies too frequently can confuse clients, and the real differentiator in service lies in the human connection. Clients choose a service not solely based on the product but on the commitment, knowledge, and service provided.

Emerhub’s collaboration with Bukit Vista exemplifies the power of synergy. Their services complement each other, focusing on the needs of the client. Florent highlights the importance of consistency in service, especially for pre-market entry in Indonesia.

Client Qualification: Valuing Every Connection

Discussions about the qualification of clients arise, particularly when some clients only inquire without proceeding with any deals. Florent clarifies that while they don’t have a strict qualification process, certain inquiries, particularly complex ones like tax consultations, require paid services. Every client is considered valuable, as connections and networking can lead to unexpected opportunities.

Jing, CEO of Bukit Vista asking important question.

In the evolving landscape, Florent emphasizes the need to transfer knowledge to the younger generation. He believes that the principles of commitment and consistency are universal and vital for success. Despite the allure of a carefree lifestyle, Florent encourages young individuals to understand that dedication and hard work are the building blocks of success.

Florent’s journey is a testament to the power of commitment, consistency, and the connections we make in our professional and personal lives. His experiences in finance, business, and philanthropy serve as an inspiration for those seeking to make a difference in an ever-changing world. If you’re inspired by Florent’s journey and interested in reading more about inspirational figures, visit our All Hands page.

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