Airbnb Tips

Here’s Top 5 Easiest Website Builder for Vacation Rentals House

Website for vacation rentals helps hosts in so many ways. Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA: The competition is getting tougher, many property owners are now looking for a website builder for vacation rentals that is easy to use and can certainly help them manage it and track them all at once. Having a website for vacation rentals can help with many things, one of which is...

best smart tv for airbnb

5 Best TV for Airbnb Bali in 2022 (+ Price Range and Features)

If you want to pamper your guests to the fullest, providing best tv for airbnb is the solution! As an owner who places great importance on the guest experience at your property, having the best smart tv is one way to do it. Providing the best tv for airbnb is one way to win the hearts of your guests while surfing the airbnb page. This is because smart tv has many advantages and premium quality...

tips airbnb sebelum membangun bisnis airbnb di bali

Tips Airbnb di Bali: 4 Hal yang Harus Anda Ketahui Untuk Mendapat Hasil Maksimal!

Semakin populer,  bisnis Airbnb di Bali kini semakin berkembang pesat dan digandrungi oleh para investor. Nah, kali ini Bukit Vista akan memberikan tips Airbnb di Bali yang bisa Anda simak sebelum membangun bisnis Airbnb di Bali.Menurut survei terbaru terhadap 1000 orang, sekitar 54% dari mereka mempertimbangkan untuk menyewa rumah mereka sendiri melalui layanan seperti Airbnb dan 82% dari...

Take care your Airbnb business with trusted partner while managing airbnb remotely

Managing Airbnb Remotely Tips: 5+ Hacks That You Need in 2022

Are you planning to starting your Airbnb business abroad or wanted to go vacation but still have a good cash flow? Managing Airbnb remotely while you're away is sure thing you can do.  Many of us starting an Airbnb business as a side hustle to generate more passive income. As an owner, many things we need to handle to manage on our property. Managing airbnb remotely is a great way to ease our job on...

Avoid These 5 Mistakes To Increase Your Bali Villa Bookings In 2022

Are you a villa owner or any bali property owner in Bali that has difficulties in geeting more villa bookings? Feels like you've done various things but it doesn’t work, this article is right for you! Bali property business is a good long-term investment. As mentioned by Statista, during pandemic in 2020, Bali's tourist visit still improving although it dropped significantly from last year. In that...

10+ Contoh Konten Instagram Menarik Untuk Villa, Resort, dan Guest House

Contoh ide konten menarik instagram untuk promosi villa, resort, atau guest house. Photo by Jeremy Levin Lagi cari ide konten instagram menarik untuk akun instagram bisnis propertimu? Kalau iya, artikel ini pas untuk kamu! Disini, Bukit Vista akan membagikan  contoh-contoh konten instagram menarik yang bisa kamu gunakan di akun bisnis propertimu untuk menarik minat customer. Sebelum...

3+ Tips To Create The Best Guest Experience for Remote Working from Armadillo Canggu Guesthouse

Complete facilities and services based on guest's needs is helpful to improve the guest experience In order to provide the best guest experience in your canggu guesthouse, we as owners must provide complete facilities and services according to guest needs. This is the strategy of Pak Bagi, the owner of Armadillo Guesthouse Canggu, also one of the Bukit Vista partners in...

giving the best first impression when welcoming guest is helpful to improve guest experiences.

7+ Best Welcoming Guest Ideas To Win Their Heart At First Impression

giving the best first impression when welcoming guest is helpful to improve guest experiences. Photo by Mikhail Nilov Providing the best experience for guests during their stay is a staff priority. When you welcoming guest, giving a good first impression is very important. First impressions can make or break a guest experience. The way you greet guests is very important...

Dalam menangani keluhan tamu hotel diperlukan strategi dan cara yang tepat untuk mengatasinya

5 Cara Tepat Menangani Keluhan Tamu Hotel, Villa, Atau Guest House

Dalam menangani komplain tamu, diperlukan strategi dan cara yang tepat untuk mengatasinya. Photo by yanalya Saat menjalani bisnis penginapan, mendapat dan menangani keluhan tamu sudah biasa terjadi. Keluhan dari tamu kadang terjadi dikarenakan ekspektasi yang diharapkan tidak sesuai dengan realita.  Mendapat keluhan tamu memang menjadi momok menakutkan bagi para owner maupun staff. Ini...

Ways to Increase Your Vacation’s Rental Daily Rate

As a vacation rental owner, you’ll come across many key performance indicators that are vital to property management. These KPIs represent the success of a company and help business owners make informed and strategic decisions.  Whether you want to focus on revenue management, competitive benchmarking, or occupancy trends, using KPIs will lead to much more accurate results. What Is the Average...

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