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Life At Bukit Vista: 5 Pelajaran Penting Maria Selama Magang di Tim Hospitality Air Support and Reservation

Latar Belakang Maria Imanuel Prawoto atau biasa disapa Maria merupakan salah satu pemagang di Hospitality Air Support and Reservation di Bukit Vista. Ia adalah mahasiswa jurusan Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris di Universitas Diponegoro.  Dia mengikuti program magang Bukit Vista selama 3 bulan dan selama perjalanan magangnya, dia belajar banyak pelajaran sebagai magang HAR. Bergabung dengan Bukit VIsta,...

Life at Bukit Vista: 5 Important Lessons As A Hospitality Air Support and Reservation Intern

As a HAR Intern in Bukit Vista, Maria has learned a lot of things and improving her skill in hospitality industry Maria’s Background Maria Imanuel Prawoto or usually called Maria is a Hospitality Air Support and Reservation Intern at Bukit Vista. He is a graduate student, majoring in English Language and Literature at Diponegoro University. He followed the Bukit Vista internship...

Intern Experience | Digital Marketing Intern at Bukit Vista

How do you define a perfect human being? of course you can never!But, a human can better themselves by keep learning from their mistakes and move on, right?My experience as an intern at Bukit Vista exemplifies everything I've said so far. Making errors and learning from them has been a big part of my life for the past three months. The fact that I have excellent mentors in the organization is the most...

Life at Bukit Vista, Professional Hosts

Help us become the "Most Innovative Hospitality Company in the world" Bukit Vista is about great people Bukit Vista aims to be a leader in new hospitality. We are leaders in the Airbnb platform for South East Asia, with over 300+ property under management, 16,000+ reviews and a team of 27 travel entrepreneurs. We provide hospitality and marketing services to resorts, villas, Balinese guest...

Bukit Vista works like Family

A workplace that delights I'm a believer in work place culture. Impact, Innovation, Legacy. We're a people company. A company that gets incredible work done from the hospitality of our hosts, the stunning visual work of our photographers, and the relentlessness of our market builders. We want a space that nurtures greatness in our team. We think a lot about company culture, the ergonomics of our...

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