Press Release SV UGM Guest Lecture 20 May 2022: How a Pandemic could be The Best Thing for Indonesian Tourism

On Friday afternoon, 20th May 2022, Bukit Vista had the opportunity to hold a guest lecture session with the tourism students at Sekolah Vokasi Universitas Gadjah Mada. It has been more than two years since the pandemic has started and affecting the overall tourism industry, not just in Indonesia but also the whole world.  We had our CEO, Mr. Jing Cho Yang to share more on how the pandemic has...

Intern Experience | Digital Marketing Intern at Bukit Vista

How do you define a perfect human being? of course you can never!But, a human can better themselves by keep learning from their mistakes and move on, right?My experience as an intern at Bukit Vista exemplifies everything I've said so far. Making errors and learning from them has been a big part of my life for the past three months. The fact that I have excellent mentors in the organization is the most...


Leading the Modern Workplace through Resilience

Along with President University, Bukit Vista organized a webinar on March 16th 2022 with the theme of Leading the Modern Workplace through Resilience. The event was led by the CEO of Bukit Vista, Jing Cho Yang, as he shared his view on how resilience in the modern workplace will help you young talents could excel in their careers. Why Is Resilience Important? Through his past...

BV C&E-Talk #16 – ROLE Foundation & Tri Upcycle

Bukit Vista was once again successful in holding their event, BV C&E-Talk #16 with the theme "Sustainable Community in Today's World". For this month's event, it feels a little special because the team from Bukit Vista combined their two main events, BV E-Talk and BV C-Talk into one! Held on July 23, 2021, BV CE-Talk provides trusted industry professionals with an opportunity to talk about their...

Remote Intern at Bukit Vista

Remote Intern at Bukit Vista Travel, Experience Growth at Indonesia's Most Innovative Hospitality Startup  Why Intern at Bukit Vista?  A quality internship should be an incredible learning experience. A great internship should be an experience that feels so right, it's difficult to leave. That's the kind of internships we aim to create at Bukit Vista.Bukit Vista interns are some of the most...

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