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Create innovation in improving guest services during pandemic

3 Guest Services Ideas From The Box Nusa Penida Villa You Should Have in 2022

Do you believe that optimal guest services can make loyal customers? If so, this is the right article for you!Guest experience while staying at your property is the main key to the success of your rental property business. To attract the attention of guests, you need to always be up-to-date with the existing trends and provide the best guest services. This is what "The Box Paradise" Nusa Penida Villa...

3+ Tips To Create The Best Guest Experience for Remote Working from Armadillo Canggu Guesthouse

Complete facilities and services based on guest's needs is helpful to improve the guest experience In order to provide the best guest experience in your canggu guesthouse, we as owners must provide complete facilities and services according to guest needs. This is the strategy of Pak Bagi, the owner of Armadillo Guesthouse Canggu, also one of the Bukit Vista partners in...

Pondok Lulik Guesthouse Bali come up with several strategies to overcome the crisis of pandemic. Photo by Bukit Vista

Here’s 5 Strategy How Pondok Lulik Guesthouse Bali Increasing Income During Pandemic

Pondok Lulik Guesthouse Bali come up with several strategies to overcome the crisis of pandemic. Photo by Bukit Vista As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that struck Indonesia in 2020, Bali's tourism industry suffered greatly. Despite the pandemic, Pondok Lulik Guest House Bali in Canggu and Seseh was able to maintain and even increase its occupancy. Based on the data...

Bukit Vista X PSB Academy “How To Improve Your Intercultural Communication”

Hello, Everyone! Have you ever known that communication is the best way to learn about a different culture? Communicating with someone who comes from a different culture is never an easy thing. We must understand what the other parties are talking about and what their vision and mission is. In this opportunity, Bukit Vista unravels this topic and shares them with students from PSB Academy. The first...

Breeze Hidden Village & Dream Breeze Village

Here in Bukit Vista, we believe in the power of inspiring delight, to help property owners transform. One of the best cases that we have is Dream Breeze Village and Breeze Hidden Village. The owners of both guesthouses are family. Dream Breeze Village owner, Bli Nyoman Sugiarta is the oldest brother of Breeze Hidden Village, Bli Nyoman Budiarta who join as a Bukit Vista’s partner in 2018. Breeze...

Uluwatu Village House

It was starting in 2016 with a two, basic house. I Wayan Sri Putra Yasa, or usually goes by the name Bli Wayan Sri, was starting his property business, hoping that this could have a big potential in the future. That’s when Bukit Vista came in and decided to help Bli Wayan Sri make his dream come true.Uluwatu Village House offers a unique Balinese experience with its iconic Balinese Bungalow. Once you...

Sari Garden Cottage

The service Bukit Vista offers to its partner is like none other. We tried to transform our partner to have a better property that can inspire delight to the guest. It’s all about an enjoyable and transparent experience with the partners. For Mok Wahyu, managing a property is not an easy thing to do. She doesn’t have any knowledge on how to promote her property, managing the rooms according to the...

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