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Private Pool Bali Villas: Top 5 Villas You Must Visit

Written by: Hasbi Ong - DM Intern Reading time: 4 minutes Bali is renowned as one of the most exciting holiday destinations in Indonesia. It offers an experience of ancient history and serenity that modern tourists can immerse themselves in. For tourists looking for villas with private pools and resort rentals, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Also, thanks to a generous exchange rate,...

Coronavirus – What happens to my property now and after?

Written By: Nengli Leow - Business Development, Bukit Vista Reading Time: 5 Minute In times of uncertainty, increase your visibility on small but important marketplace signals The global travel industry has been negatively impacted by Coronavirus. In 2019, Bali saw 437,537 and 449, 637 tourists enter in February and March respectively. This accounts for 14% of total inbound tourists to...

Why do people return to Bali

Why do people return to Bali

"I've heard that Caucasians, after visiting Bali once, keep revisiting it every year without fail. Case in point, some of my sister's friends as well as my own colleagues make it an annual routine to revisit Bali, too." The "feeling" is what brings visitors back to Bali. Bali has a lot going for it in terms of a repeat destination.Some places you visit once and you've seen it. Great Wall....

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