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img | April 3, 2021

by Christoper Conroy | Inspire Delight through 'Tropical Boho Style' Homeware and Interior Design

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This article talks about interior design from Canggu & Co, a company engaged in homeware decoration and interior design. Christopher Conroy, co-founder of Canggu & Co has shared his stories and experiences in inspiring people through homeware, decoration and interior design that are suitable for homes, villas, guesthouses and resorts. Canggu & Co wants everyone to have good vibes in their room, a space that can improve their mood, productivity and relaxation.

Interior design now is becoming a means for most people to freely express themselves and bring positive energy when they are in the space where they live. The design seems to bring lively atmosphere and give its own meaning to everyone who enjoys it. As Justina Blakeney – a designer and artist, and author of The New York Times best-selling book The New Bohemians- said in Sara Cation’s writing,

Style or Design is about harnessing your inner free spirit

Justina Blakeney

That’s why Canggu & Co tries to provide unique, aesthetic and positive energy designs for their customers through their collection of homeware. So, if you need a Bali style on-island homewares interior solution, own a Bali hotel or Bali villa, and you are looking for a professional homewares interior fit out, Canggu & Co can provide a homewares interior solution for you.

Tropical Boho Design by Canggu & Co.

Have you ever heard of or seen a ‘Tropical Boho, Bohemian’ style design? In short, Tropical Boho is a colorful style and a mix of ethnic, hippies and vintage styles. Tropical BoHo combines different design styles and cultural influences, creating a vibrant and truly unique look. This style is also a manifestation of freedom, modern look and colorful collections.

One of the Boho Tropical style interior design projects by Canggu & Co

Canggu & Co is very synonymous with this design style, which is reflected in their wide range of products, such as textile materials of various colors, textures and motives that are usually applied to pillows, carpets, curtains, and other upholstery fabrics. In addition, they also sell these designs through lamps with various ethnic motifs, and various ethnic accessories such as ethnic statues of various sizes, dangling fabrics, knick-knacks with tribal motifs, wall hangings and various other furniture collections as seen in the video on below.

Not only a combination of Boho and Tropical, in addition Chris said that they sell the ‘BoHo Tribal Tropical Coastal’ design style. You can buy Boho, ethnic or cultural styles from various regions and countries, tropical styles, and coastal atmosphere through their homeware collections.

They have 60 collections, 2 retail home stores-namely Canggu Homestore and Berawa Homestore – and 5000 different SKUs ( stock-keeping unit) or items. Apart from being a retailer, Canggu & Co is also a wholesaler and they provide a number of property related services for people renovating a villa or building a lodging property.

How did Chris and Ayu, his wife, start the Canggu & Co business and decide ‘Boho Tropical’ as their product concept?

The Conroy Family

For about 10 years Ayu has been dealing with overseas buyers who come to Bali to buy local goods to be resold abroad through homewares retail stores or supporting tools and property developers. What these buyers offer are lifestyle solutions rather than simply four blank walls. The insights shared by overseas buyers about styling solutions inspired Chris and Ayu to look closely at this famous global taste and style, one of which is the BoHo style. Starting from the BoHo Scandi style which originated from the concept of Northern Scandinavian culture, they began to understand what BoHo is like, what the Tropical style looks like, and the Coastal style. Buyers from various countries are inspirations for Chris and Ayu to know more about BoHo and its combination with other styles. They also gain an excellent understanding of the type of material, item and item style that can be proven by customer repeating purchases here.

Sustainability, Community, Family


Canggu & Co have built collaborations with various local Balinese craftsmen as a community and family, most of them are very skilled at making wooden handicrafts, which its authenticity are highly sought after by customers. This in turn inspire Canggu & Co team striving to create products from unique and authentic homemade local materials made by local community.The local community already have their artistic skills from generation to generation.

Moreover, Canggu & Co team also upholds the sustainability of the goods they create. The connections with people from various countries such as people in US, Australia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Russia expand their knowledge about interior design ideas, such as the culture from the country which can be applied to the homeware. With a huge professional connection, they can provide various design options to their customers through their collections.

This company provide Interior Fit-Out Packages, Interior Furnishing Packages and Customized Interior Design for their customers. The Fit Out package means that Canggu & Co become developers at the pre-sale stage of products, such as being consultants and making designs about the shape of the properties and villas to be built by their customers. Furnishing packages is for customer that are looking for solutions for their room design. Customized Package aims to provide a custom design, whereas White Label is for customer who want to rebrand the buy Canggu & Co products under their own business. Canggu & Co supports customer rebranding by providing a homewares branding catalog where they can pick out everything from paper to boxes, wrapping, hand tags, and craft papers.

How do Canggu & Co take a customer-oriented approach?

For Canggu & Co, customer-oriented means that the customer determines how they provide their services. However, customers are often confused and don’t know what they want. Canggu & Co have well-trained staff to understand what the customer needs by asking basic question about their living space, such as how are they going to design their homes, what furnitures they want to put and where, what color their room is, etc. Sometimes it takes an hour to find a solution that meets the customer’s needs, but sometimes it takes less with customers who already know what they want. Canggu & Co really spends a quiet amount time trying to understand each customer’s needs and then cater to those needs because everyone is different. There are customers who care about product design, some care about color and its combinations, and there are those who prioritize texture.

The service innovation that has been and is still being carried out by the company is to visit the customer’s property per customer request. The purpose is to get the right solution for the interior design of customer’s property or to fix what is lacking and unsuitable. It can be said the approach Canggu & Co takes is customer orientated and as a consultant for its customers if needed. This approach allows the company team and customers to learn from each other and exchange ideas about interior design concepts.

Often, our customers come not looking for a product, but rather a design solution for their property so it becomes a challenge to improve that expertise and service as well as the key to success for Canggu & Co.

Christopher Conroy

The very strong customer service team in this company always try to be fast response to any inquiries and gives the maximum possible attention to customers by using Bahasa as language spoken by the customer, because the majority of customers are Indonesian.

The relationship built with customers is based on effective communication and fast response. This will make easier for us to introduce products to customers.

Christopher Conroy

How can Canggu & Co continue to do business during this pandemic and adapt to the changes?

Before the pandemic, Canggu & Co already had a very strong online presence in the homeware business. When the pandemic started, their retail sales were soaring. There was a time when retail sales were almost down, even other retail companies were close to zero because of the increase in air courier prices, but what kept them going was the company’s staff around 50 people scattered in various countries due to the pandemic. With staff in various countries, customers do not need to pay for air couriers, but through staff in their respective areas.

What are the right markets and types of clients for Canggu & Co?

Their biggest market is people who come and buy at the wholesale level, who are developers or interior designers who want to develop a property. The majority of Canggu & Co’s clients are women around 15 – 50 years old. There really isn’t one particular type of client that is right for Canggu & Co because the company has a wide customer service offering, but the company chooses to focus on female clients because they tend to spend more time discussing their needs about the interior design they want and tend to have a view of design that can give them a feeling and influence at emotional level. They become clients that are preferred by the company because they tend to have certain tastes, like their taste for Balinese style and that’s when the team introduced them to the ‘Boho Tribal Tropical Coastal’ style. Then, they like natural colors and natural materials that fit the concept of Canggu & Co.

In the simplest way possible, how can Canggu & Co typically charge for their services?

First, they have retail prices in Bali.

Second, they don’t cut the price down because they offer great quality.

The quality is grade one so we don’t want to compete with low prices in the market, because we offer good quality.

Christopher Conroy.

Third, the price of products in stores is the same as the price of products sold online, it’s just that products sold online require shipping costs that must be paid by customers who buy online.

Fourth, the company imposes a discount for their regular customers. Chris said, his company deeply establishes and values longstanding relationships with clients. This customer loyalty is what the company needs. Discounts is also applied to customers where the higher the puchase, the higher the discount given.

Last thoughts from Canggu & Co for property partners

We strive to make our business and service models fit the environment in which our business is located and where our customers go. We really value customer loyalty and long term relationships. And we highly value quality items and materials, care, and create unique homeware collections that everyone can enjoy in their home.

We are very happy if you guys want to come to us just to chat and ask for our advice and work with us as partners to collaborate. We hope our homeware will inspire you, so come visit our shop !​

Isn’t that amazing? If you are interested, we can connect you with the Canggu & Co team or you can also find their contact by visiting the Canggu & Co website below.

CANGGU & CO: Tropical Living

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