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img | April 3, 2021

by PT Studio Magnolia Design | Seen | Unseen: Embracing Natural Home Design in Bali

The strength of one’s works lies in its uniqueness and how it impacts and inspires many people. For PT Studio Magnolia Design, it is the Flora Natural Villas. Through BV C-Talk #4 on October 29, 2020, Alejandra shared her thoughts, journey, experiences, and stories about her inspiring work. She has lived and enjoyed her life in Bali for 17 years. It was the extraordinary local culture on this island that made her fall in love with Bali. 

At the beginning of her life in Bali, Alejandra did not work in home design, her longtime career in America. She decided to try something new: clothing design. Her clothing design business was quite successful at that time, until  the 2008 financial crisis hit and her regular clients started canceling their orders. For a year,  there was no income coming in. 

Miracles come…

She had started building  her first Natural Villa for herself, but with the 2008 crisis it was put on hold. With the encouragement and help of her builder and manager she took the risk to finish the house project even though her funds were limited. Passiflora became the model for future Natural Villas.  

How Bali inspired Alejandra to build.

We are so lucky to live in a place which is safe and the climate is benign.” says Alejandra.

“There is no place else where we can build homes as open as ours!

Add to that the extraordinary Balinese craftsmanship and you have stunning – one of a kind villas that integrate into their environment seamlessly.

Flora Natural Villas is PT Studio Magnolia Design’s projects which consists of 4 natural villas: Passiflora, Jazmin, Marguerite, and Bareng-Bareng. The project is located in Penestanan Kaja, a carless village located on a hill west of Ubud.

Here’s a brief description of some of PT Studio Magnolia Design’s properties:


view to living room from bedroom

Passiflora is PT Studio Magnolia Design’s architect-designed natural villa number 1. It is a 100-year-old hand-hewn teak Joglo, brought timber by timber from Central Java and then remodeled. Passiflora is both traditional and fresh, open and minimal.


open living room and kitchen

Jazmin is their natural designed villa number 2 of a 100-year-old hand-hewn Joglo from Central Java. This group of 3 natural villas share a swimming pool in order to preserve the ancient rice paddy tradition.


view to wrap around verandah

Marguerite is their architect-designed natural villa number 3. Marguerite is a remodeled Balinese bungalow. It is a two-story property loft. On the top floor, you will feel like you are in a jungle. The upper and lower floors both have double beds, which make the Marguerite suitable for small family.


Bareng Bareng Natural Villa

Bareng-Bareng is the latest addition to their collection. It is an architect-designed natural villa number 4. Bareng-Bareng is a reclaimed, repurposed, and redesigned Limasan from Java. Limasan is a traditional Javanese house that was brought timber by timber from Java. Made from solid teaks that are over 100 years old.

Tiny Tall House

Architect Alejandra Designed Natural Tall Tiny House

PT Studio Magnolia Design also created a house with the concept of a Japanese small house called “Tiny Tall House”.

Seen | Unseen: Embracing Natural Home Design in Bali

PT Studio Magnolia Design’s works are reflected in a book entitled “Seen | Unseen: Embracing Natural Home Design in Bali”. In this book, Alejandra describes her design background which is influenced by Tri Hita Karana, a philosophy of balance in the life of Balinese people. If you are interested in finding out more about PT Studio Magnolia Design, you can order this book through Amazon’s online bookstore. You may also order the book in Bali through Alejandra. Click the link below:

“If you are respectful of the Balinese culture, you end up being respectful of this land as well.”

Alejandra Cisneros

Alejandra is a woman with a passion for architecture. Contact us to help you connect with Alejandra. To find out more about Alejandra’s work, visit this page:

You can listen to the whole story on BV C-Talk #4 with Alejandra Cisneros, only on Bukit Vista Hospitality Services YouTube Channel:

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