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Remote Intern at Bukit Vista

Travel, Experience Growth at Indonesia's Most Innovative Hospitality Startup

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Why Intern at Bukit Vista?

A quality internship should be an incredible learning experience. A great internship should be an experience that feels so right, it's difficult to leave. That's the kind of internships we aim to create at Bukit Vista.

Bukit Vista interns are some of the most innovative and creative people at our company. Our mission is to become the most innovative hospitality company in the world. Some of the best ideas come from the youngest and newest members of our teams.

We have offices in Sleman, Yogjakarta, and also Jimbaran, Bali.

We're moving to Remote Internships for May-Dec 2020.

remote internship & remote work during COVID 19 pandemic

Bukit Vista has moved our internship programs online. We offer mentorship & training in remote working tools such as Google Calendar, Slack, and Trello.

Quality Mentorship:

Our interns receive close training and guidance from senior employees at Bukit Vista. This is to foster trust & develop the full capabilities of our interns.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Bukit Vista interns will work on the most challenging issues appearing in the industry. Not to worry, you'll be guided by more experienced team members, and trained to develop new skillsets.

Shared Meals

At Bukit Vista, we always bring together our company for lunch. It's paid by the company, and always a fun way to catch up through the day. Typically, we eat a home-cooked Indonesian lunch, but sometimes, we'll do an offsite lunch as well.

School Programs

We currently work with some of the most prestigious tourism programs in Indonesia, including UGM, UI and STP-Bali.

Technology Skills

We're a lean-agile startup and we're using some of the latest tools & processes in Bali for business development, data science and project management. Our aim is to lead the hospitality industry with innovative culture. An internship at Bukit Vista prepares you for a high-speed career in the technology industry or personal entrepreneurship.

See it for yourself, our 2019 interns give their reviews of the Bukit Vista internship experience.

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