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Written by Alif Fadli, Business Analyst Intern back in 2021.

Reporting For a campaign performance analysis report/routine activities, I usually arrange my report this way : (done for activities that have been carried out previously and will continue in the future) example : Instagram/Airbnb/Website/Facebook Campaign.

Action Point:

I will always start my analysis report with any action points that I have done, as much as possible I will make sure everything is written in this section

Example : “Last week I’ve made content changes to the Facebook platform by adding captions to photos.”



To find out how the results of the action points that I have done, I added a performance section, in this section I explain the positive and negative impacts of the action points that I have done. In this section I will input the data from the actions that I have carried out to determine their performance. A good performance report will contain qualitative as well as quantitative explanations.

Example : “based on the results of the experiments I did last week, the latest content that I created got quite a high insight. impressions are up about 90%, reach is up about 70%, but inquiries remain stable at 7-10 inquiries per week. “


Conclusion and Next Week Plan:

I will close my analysis report with conclusions and also what action points I plan to do for the next week. From the performance we can find out what things need to be improved and also maintained.

     Example : “ The increase in the number I got from yesterday’s performance was because I optimized the use of    the available features, this helped us in increasing reach. and for next week plan my schedule will be…..1……2…..3….”


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